Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Ashley Warrenton-Smith

We participate in group meditation and prayer -- in person and via teleconference -- every Sunday from 9:00AM PT to 9:30AM PT.

We meditate with Source, the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, and All High Beings of Light for the:

  • Uplifting of human consciousness,
  • Clearing of the toxicity of Earth,
  • Awareness and profound understanding of Oneness, and,
  • Anything else Source Guides us to meditate upon for the Highest Good of All.

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If you cannot be present in person or call in, we ask you to set your intention to join us energetically  and emanate blessings of wholeness, purity, balance, unconditional love and peace to all people, all animals, the Earth, her trees, plants, waters, land masses and air.

Visualize the Light of Source filling your heart chakra,.  Through your intention, elevate your awareness into the Presence of Absolute, Eternal Oneness.  Bathe in this energy field and fill your entire architecture and infrastructure with this sacred energy at the cellular, sub-cellular, molecular, sub-molecular, atomic, sub-atomic levels down to the smallest particles of Who You Are and the space in between.

Bring that sacred energy into your heart center.   See our beloved Gaia floating in front of your heart.  Visualize her in a dazzling sphere of white Light.shining through your heart. from Absolute, Eternal Oneness.  See infinite rays of Light shining through your heart, the palms of your hands,  and your crown chakra toward the Earth and all beings upon her to transmute all darkness into Light.

See the Earth and all beings as vibrant, pure, in peace, harmony and balance, doing the things each chooses to do in joy, with respect for all other beings and things; the air clear, clean and refreshing; the crystal clear water sparkling as it plays over the rocks, creating a wonderful environment for fish, animals, plants and people in which to frolic and have fun; with each and every person being their most authentic self, taking full responsibility for their own life and having respect for all others. See each being living life to the fullest, completely aware and conscious, deeply connected to Source, enjoying each moment of existence in harmony with nature and with each other.

Please know that when 8,000 of us meditate and pray together we create such a powerful influence of global coherence, global unity and global peace - measurable, palpable harmony - that darkness, negativity, greed, corruption, violence, and warfare cannot maintain a foothold anywhere on our breathtakingly beautiful planet.  That is what it takes to achieve critical mass:  the square root of one percent of the population of the world or about eight thousand people.

This is a sacred time on Earth, filled with the opportunity for Ascension. Thank you for participating in the creation of the Shift.  May you be blessed.



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