Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Diane Boivie
Medford, Oregon

You are a change agent, a visionary and a leader.  You look at the world and see what is possible – and you want to make a major contribution in that becoming a reality.

You know what you want to do but obstacles appear to be standing in your way, blocking you from making the progress you want to make.  It may be something along these lines: 

  • Fear of failure – the work seems so overwhelming; how can you make an important difference?
  • Fear of rejection -- you worry that if you own your power others will perceive you as ‘full of yourself’.
  • Fear of not being good enough – who are you to be so great that you make the major impact that you desire?
  • Money issues – you are concerned about where the money is coming from to fund this work.
  • Time issues – you already have many commitments & obligations so how can you do this work on top of that?
  • Procrastination – time just seems to get away from you & your most important work is not completed.

I am certified in several modalities including Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCC), Co-Active Coaching (CPCC) and I am a Master Facilitator in Dancing with Source (DWS). I serve as a Technical Resource in the DWS training programs in preparation for teaching this work.   Prior to setting up my private practice almost 7 years ago, I had 23 years of IT corporate experience as a systems engineer, line manager, project manager and, in my last corporate role, as IT Transformation Program Manager.

I use a blend of DWS processes, systems & relationship coaching, as well as my corporate experience to help my clients clarify & accomplish their goals.   

" Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."  - Henry Ford

If you are looking for someone who will help you find your voice, keep your hope and vision high even during challenging times, help you to see yourself through eyes of love, and transform barriers to achieving your vision, I want to work with you. 

Clients say ...

“I went to see my coach, Diane, for a healing session since I was having trouble saying no to others and it was wearing me out. It was a life changing transformational two hours. I felt things shift in me as she was working on me. I felt the love and support of the Angels as they surrounded us to help with the healing. Diane's connection to Source and to the Angels is very powerful. She creates such a safe and healing environment for you. I had issues come up that I had never noticed were blocking me.

After the session I saw immediate results. I am blown away by the changes in my life since then. Now it seems as if I was born with healthy boundaries and things are so much easier for me. I feel so connected to Source, my passion and to myself now. I have scheduled another session to work on another area in my life. I truly believe in the work that Diane does. There are very real changes that occur.”

Michelle DeBerge
Women's Divorce and Break-Up Coach
Starting Over Without Him

“I have worked with Diane as a business coach & team trainer since 2006.  I began working with her as an energetic healer in 2009.  She helped me identify some internal barriers that I had been aware of but had no idea how to address.  She used some truly leading edge processes that have changed my internal landscape in both the personal and business areas.  I am very grateful that she had the courage to offer me the opportunity to partner with her in work of this depth.”

Jared Milligan
Petaluma, CA

“I have worked with Diane as my coach since 2003 and in my first DWS healing session in 2007 on the phone with Diane, I could feel her tracking my system as if she were in the room.  And I could feel myself shift in ways that had nothing to do with my imagination.  Wow, this stuff was real!  It became even more real when I discovered myself thinking and behaving in hitherto unimagined ways, such as volunteering to present bi-weekly educational talks at my business networking group despite the fact that I was afraid of public speaking and felt like an idiot each time I stood up.  I continue to be amazed with the ways in which I am thinking and behaving differently, particularly in areas that have been the most resistant to change despite 25 years of constant personal development work on my part.

The DWS work through Diane has allowed me at last to own that part of myself I have always had but not known how to acknowledge.  I finally have a strong reliance on Source. She has shown me how to help myself and in so doing enhance my ability to help others in my own way, in my own profession.

What I love about the DWS processes – and the way Diane uses them so masterfully -- is its lovingly neutral language that fosters a calm mind, an open heart, and a strong connected presence.   In my opinion, these are the necessary ingredients for major transformation.”

Kathy Cheek
Certified Rolfer & Cranial Sacral Therapist
San Rafael
, CA



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