Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Private Sessions

Overview of What You Can Expect

While many people want a deeper, clearer two-way communication with God/Source, the Archangels and Ascended Masters, the channels for many are simply too blocked to receive the constant incoming love, information and Guidance that comes from the Light Realms. 

These blockages come from various sources and may include such things as:

  • Past lives where the encoding (learning) was other than Divine Truth
  • Trauma that is unresolved and still active
  • Inheritances through our maternal and paternal bloodlines that need to be transformed
  • Incongruencies in our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies that conflict with how we want to live our lives
  • Deeply held patterns of thinking, speaking, and behaving over long periods of time
  • Programs that we installed at an earlier time when believed we needed them to survive
  • Attachments that we put ahead of our relationship with God.  These ensure our strong connection to the ego which rules our minds rather than our connection through our heart center to the will of Source
  • Congruencies in various parts of ourselves with what is not in our Highest Good and incongruencies with what is

This work clears these blockages and many others.

I work with God/Source, the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Uriel, Raziel and Metatron as well as the Ascended Masters and All Beings of Light using the processes Source has taught me - as well as new ones that come through continuously. Sometimes Beings of Light with whom I have not yet worked appear and work with a client in whom they have a special interest.

We are so much more than what we perceive with the conscious level of the mind.  The majority of this work is done at the level of the subconscious mind by the client in conjunction with God/Source, the Archangels, and Ascended Masters.  I serve as a highly trained facilitator of the DWS work.  In a session I am fully attuned to the voice of Source and other Beings of Light.  I can see them, hear them and feel them.  Typically, Source tells me the questions to ask, the direction in which to go -- and we go there. 

This work is deep and each segment of it is permanent.  It evolves through a sequence of private sessions that transform blockages in priority order in accord with the results each client wishes to obtain - and in accord with Guidance from Source.  Each session is thorough and deep.  Most of us have lived for millennia, simultaneously in multiple dimensions, realities and  universes.  We are so much more than we remember. 

In order to recode the inaccurate encodings most of us have made in our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, it is important that we engage fully in our individual and collective spiritual journey. 

It is Job One.  This work helps us do that.




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