Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Testimonials from Clients

"I have worked with Ashley on numerous occasions to recode my 'buggy code' as the need became apparent.  Because I am a Master Practitioner in the Dancing with Source work, I usually can resolve whatever comes up with Source and the Archangels.  Sometimes, however, we need the neutral eye of a third person to help us see what we cannot see for ourselves.  When we are unconsciously blocking something intensely painful, we sometimes will not allow Source to give us clarity.  I felt foggy in my thinking, unable to focus, sad and emotionally drained but could not identify the underlying cause.  Ashley found a past life in which I was an herbalist/healer in Spain during the Inquisition.  I received Guidance to leave the area but did not take action.  This lack of action on my part resulted in my arrest, subsequent torture and death.  I was not able to see this myself because it was just too painful for me to do so.  Ashley's neutrality enabled her to hear from Source and work with me to heal that past life as well as facilitate the advanced Disconnection from the Dark Matrix of Illusion processes.  This took less than an hour.  As the work progressed I felt Lighter and Lighter until all of the lower vibration emotions I had suppressed and repressed were transmuted into their most Light-filled alternatives."

Juan Manuel Ramirez, DWS Master Facilitator
San Jose, California 

"I have been married to my wonderful husband for 40 years and we have loved each other very much for all of those years.  He is a great father, a good provider -- and a 'man's man'.  As a 'man's man', sometimes the gentleness I needed as a woman was not forthcoming.  Over the decades we worked on this with some, but not enough, success.

This came to a head when I broke my hip.  My husband had a very hard time accessing his empathy and gently providing for my care.  For example, he was very rough with me when he had to bathe me and forgot to prepare meals for me for extended periods of time.  Finally, in desperation I asked my bother and his wife to come pick me up and take me home with them.  I was heartsick that this drastic action on my part was necessary.

My sister-in-law suggested I call Ashley.  It didn't take much discussion.  I needed a miracle and I was told she might be able to help me co-create one with God.

I found it very reassuring that Ashley was calm, warm and got right down to work.  We worked three nights in a row on the phone for about an hour each time.  Within the week, my husband left me tender messages about how much he missed me.  Toward the end of the week, he was asking me out on dates!  Really great dates.  He gave me long-stemmed roses, cooked dinners for me, took me on a picnic.  Most importantly -- and differently -- he talked with me about our relationship, showing emotions including caring, tenderness, kindness, sweetness, and love.  And he was listening deeply. 

By the second week, I realized I was being courted by this wonderful man for the second time in my life.  By the end of that week, I returned home -- to a very different husband.  180 degrees different -- and he has sustained his astonishingly new behaviors without one moment of backsliding for several months.

For the first time in forty years, I am married to the man I fell in love with."
                                                Nina Walters
                                                Rohnert Park, California

"I heard about the DWS work from Carlyn Montes De Oca, a wonderful acupuncturist in San Anselmo, California.  I was searching for answers about my health and well-being.  I had progressively gained weight over the past 15 years, subtly in the beginning.  Over time this weight gain became more intense with a lot of physical symptoms including bloating, water retention in my ankles, bags under my eyes, complete loss of energy, congestion up and down my spine, loss of muscle tone, a decrease in my mental clarity, fuzzy vision, extreme exhaustion.  Both of my big toes started going numb about a year and a half before I met Ashley.

I knew deep within myself that I needed advanced energy work, but I didn't know where to get it or from whom.  When Carlyn told me about Ashley and the DWS Mystery School, I knew I needed to meet her.

Long story short, I worked intensely with Ashley over the course of several weeks, two or three partial days at a time to find and transmute the underlying emotional cause of my physical symptoms.  Source showed us that this mapped back to a very challenging sequence of  experiences that began when I was an exchange student 20 years ago.

While I was working with Ashley, in response to my many questions, she began to educate me about the critical importance of eating right for my Type O blood type including the underlying reasons for doing so, not eating GMO-foods, not eating any grains, and eating about 75% ORGANIC fruits and vegetables with about 25% amounts of very high quality animal-derived protein, such as 100% grass-fed beef, wild caught fish rather than farmed, ORGANIC eggs from pastured hens and so forth.

Ashley shared with me the simple, clear one-page diet Source gave her in 1973.  Interestingly, this was the year I was born.  It must have come through just for me!

I immediately implemented these simple diet changes.  I learned to shop this way, prepare foods to enhance their nutritional value as well as taste -- and to feed my family this way, which they love.

Two major things I have noticed in the last 6 months:  when I ate 100% non-GMO and 100%-ORGANIC food, my ability to taste food came back.  My portion size naturally shrunk because my body resumed absorbing nutrients.  My body was not absorbing nutrients because I was unknowingly eating pesticide-rich, non-organic and genetically modified foods so I ate more to try to get the nutrition my body craved.

I must tell you that I had made these diet changes at an earlier time in my life without the same level of success.  The difference for me was the Guidance I received from Source during the course of the DWS work that I did with Ashley.  One example is that she and Source helped me become incongruent with eating grains, which I had previously craved.  After the work, I immediately stopped craving them.  That craving has not resumed.

Bottom line:  In 3 months I lost 30 pounds.  In the most recent 3 months, I lost 5 more pounds.  I now weigh what I weighed in high school.  I do not have numbness in my toes.  The color came back in my face.  My energy is good.  I am out of pain.  The exhaustion from being in pain is gone."

Atasha Jaffe
Tucson, Arizona

"I've always had a hard time forgiving people.  I was working with Ashley on a number of issues.  As we were deep in the work, it was made clear to us by Source that I needed to forgive Christ for sending me away just before he was about to be crucified.  I was a young girl and did not understand the reason he 'sent me away'.  I felt angry and betrayed.  My  inability to forgive Christ led to my inability to forgive others.  We healed this using the DWS forgiveness process that is really helpful when you don't want to forgive someone.  Not only was I able to forgive Christ; I was able to forgive myself.  I was amazed at how relieved and free I felt when this was complete.  What I liked the most about this process was that I realized I was doing the best I could in the situation at the time.  After this was over, I felt a huge burden was lifted.  I had always felt this looming over me and it was completely gone."

Madeleine Harmath, QA Engineering Manager
San Jose, California.  

"Ashley, thank you for helping me with my pneumonia.  I was so sick when I called you for help.  My body was very tired and my lungs congested.  I couldn't stop coughing and the two antibiotics my doctors gave me made my stomach very sick, even though I am taking probiotics.  You worked with me by phone for about 45 minutes and the difference was amazing.  My cough stopped, my lungs cleared and my energy level began to increase.  By the time we finished ! felt so clean inside.  The night is the hardest time.  I will call you tomorrow morning and we'll see if I need anything further.  I feel so much better.  Thank you!"

Isabel Arriola Garcia, Sales
Chula Vista, California

"You helped me about 6 weeks ago with my anxiety and my daughter's illness that she has had since birth.  She no longer needs a feeding tube during the day, which is huge. In addition she is growing. We just need to focus on getting her to grow height wise. She is not yet on the chart for height and needs to get there, so that her body can accomodate more calories to grow appropriately. Thanks so much for all of your help which has been life changing. My anxiety is still pretty strong but has gotten better and my daughter is doing better as well. Thank you so much!"

Renee Glassman, Mother
Aliso Viejo, California

"I'm writing to say a profound thank you for what you have recently healed in me from afar.  I am profoundly thankful to Julnar for having the courage & wisdom to appeal to you on my behalf. Thanks to your work with me, over the last two days I have been released from something that only you can understand. This has come at the most blessed of times, for me, and my beloved relationship with Julnar.  I am eternally grateful for your healing gift, and for bestowing that gift on me, personally. My hope is that you receive my profound thankfulness. It is a great honor to know you, and to know that you are in the world with us."

"I am thrilled to tell you that a few months after the clearing described above, I proposed to Julnar, she accepted -- and we were married in August, 2012. "  

Lindsey Boultt, Musician
San Francisco, California
"Spiritual friends are essential for our evolution. Sometimes they are ancient teachers, visions, or dreams, while others are walking around incarnate and helping us to learn our lessons. Ashley is one of the ones that Ive been blessed with getting to know in person -- and who has played an important role in my own evolutionary journey. 

Although I worked with her for two years, one extremely potent and powerful session with Ashley had a particularly profound impact on my life.  During this session one of my deep underlying structures revealed itself in the form of a past life as a Tibetan Buddhist monk who was held captive and repeatedly tortured in the first millennium AD. This experience was deeply profound, personal, and cathartic. My body was soaking wet when the three hour session was completed.  It was like giving birth to myself and unleashed an energy in me that continues to reverberate in my life years later.

A year after that session I was on pilgrimage in Eastern Tibet. My traveling companions were 80 Chinese pilgrims and 20 Tibetans. One afternoon as our bus drove across the undulating plains on the roof of the world, a fruit of the work with Ashley revealed itself. I recognized my bus mates as the keepers of the prison and that some of them were my torturers. The winds of karma and interdependence brought us together again, but this time with an opportunity to clean up the negativity. The kindness they showed me during our travels in this lifetime, while I experienced a fairly severe respiratory illness, atoned for their past actions toward me. In that moment of realization I experienced a deep compassion and joy that we had connected in this life and acted with love and compassion toward one another.  

It is with deep gratitude that I thank Ashley for helping to make this connection. Her work with me was a key leverage point in helping me to release this ancient baggage between my traveling companions and me."

Joseph Bailey, Consultant & Author

"There aren't many people in my life about whom I can say:  Truly, my life would be completely different without you.  Thank you, Ashley, for the immeasurable gifts you have given me, so remarkable, so generous, so substantial as to have changed my life's view forever."

Gary Malkin, Emmy-Award Winning Composer & Musician

"Ashley, you run incredible Grace through that body of yours.  Thank you so much for the work that you have done with me to heal my relationship with my late father.  I am deeply grateful."

Mike Fink, European entrepreneur
Founder of Stop Smoking, France!

"I have worked with Ashley on several occasions for myself and for my son.  Ashley's work is pure and goes deep.  Working directly with the Divine, Ashley welcomes the most challenging of work -- and with excellent results.  No matter how great the challenge, she does not give up and she does not stop.  She shows up!  After undergoing extensive medical treatment, I suffered painful 2nd degree burns and blistering.  Ashley worked with me and the physical side effects of the treatment began to dissipate within hours bringing me comfort, healing and the ability to sleep through the night once again.  This markedly enhanced the natural healing ability of my body."

Janet Bachand, former Marketing Leader

"Thank you so much for that amazing session yesterday!  It exceeded my wildest expectations!  I am so excited about studying in the Dancing with Source mystery school.  I have been asking for my next teacher, and --poof -- you appeared out of thin air!!  Thank you, Universe!!!

Kristin Rose, Ph.D., Motivational Speaker, Healer, Author

I have been feeling very well since the past life healing session I had with you.  For the first time in 3 years I was able to go with my husband and our children to pick out our Christmas tree.  My children were so happy!  All of us were. Lots of things have definitely changed in my life for the better.  The agoraphobia is gone and my severe physical symptoms have dramatically lessened. I want you to know I am deeply grateful for the healing and blessings that working with you has given me. I hope that you have a blessed and joyous holiday with your loved ones.

Stacy Lynch, Novelist

It is such a thrill to be free of daily migraines for the first time in 16 years.  You were right!  It was not about my diet.  As long as I am eating ORGANIC, I can pretty much eat what I want as long as I adhere to healthy eating.  The past life healing and other work you facilitated with me was amazing.  I will always remember the rays of Light that illuminated the room in which we were working when I realized Who I Am.   The DWS work is congruent with the deep spiritual life I treasure so much.  My husband and I both thank you because I wake up every morning free of pain.  What a blessing.

Audrey Giroux, Creator of Healing Quilts

Many thanks for the powerful day yesterday and the earlier sessions we have had!  I believe my whole way of thinking has changed. I understand so much more about the process of how we create our 'buggy code' in large measure through our choices and our emotional over-reactions.  Now I understand how important choice is in every moment and how every choice I make creates my reality.  I also understand more about how vital balance and non-attachment to outcomes are.  I will practice!  Thank you again -- and may the angels surround you forever with love.

Cindy Claeys, Retired
Sonoma County

"I had a serious problem with my feet and hands going numb.  Not a little numb.  I mean severely numb.  I tried so many avenues to heal this without success.  A friend brought me to Ashley.  During the work, I went back to a lifetime in Spain during the Inquisition where I was being tortured as a heretic to the extent that my inquisitors cut off my feet and hands.  My experience in reliving this was compelling; however, when the Archangel Gabriel worked with me to restore my feet and hands to me, I was moved to tears.  Actually, beyond tears.  The love I felt was exquisite.

Since that session, I have restored circulation in my feet and hands.  No numbness!  I can do all the activities I have always loved without fear.  Thank you!"

Michele Jacobs, Lawyer
San Francisco

When I first began working with Ashley about 3 years ago, I worked with her once a month for about 2 years.  I had not been able to heal from breaking up with my first love with whom I had a very unhealthy relationship for about 10 years.  I couldn't move on and let go.  For the first year, I worked with Ashley on healing the emotional pain and sadness I felt over my relationship with him and with my mother.  Both relationships had similar patterns of unrequited love.  Steadily through working with Ashley, I grew more assertive, confident, and developed the ability to set boundaries.  I would go back and forth a lot.  I would tell him to leave me alone and he would inch his way back in.  It took me 2 years to finally say, I am done and mean it.  There were many layers to this.  As I cleared one thing, more would come up.  It all paid off.  I was promoted to a director level job.  Through friends, I met a wonderful, loving, high integrity man who loves me unconditionally.  We are married exactly as I visualized in working with Ashley, have purchased a beautiful home and have two sons, who are the joys of my life..  I would not be the person I am today living the life I am living if not for my work with Ashley, Source and the Beings of Light.  Thank you all so very much."

Anonymous by Request
San Francisco Bay Area, California


I was quite ill with a severely compromised immune system when I began seeing Ashley two years ago.  Despite the challenges, I drove in to see her for table work about every six weeks.  With every session I got stronger.  I began to take ownership of my healing.  I changed my diet to primarily raw food vegan, I began working with a naturopath.  I learned to think positive thoughts and to put my attention on healing rather than thinking of myself as ill or compromised.  I am a different person.

As our sessions progressed, I peeled away layers and layer of past lives, incongruencies, and so forth.  For example, I learned through working with Ashley that I was incongruent with returning to full health.

In a recent table session, I regressed back to a lifetime during the Inquisition where I was severely tortured and killed.  In that same session, I regressed to a lifetime in Nazi Germany where I died in the Holocaust.  And, there was a third lifetime in which I had been buried alive by my husband who had grown tired of me and took the easy way out by burying me alive.

After we healed all of this, I felt like a different person.  Much, much lighter.  I learned even more about Who I Really Am, my integrity through many lifetimes, and how important it is to choose wisely the people I have in my life.  It matters.

Thank you to Source for bringing this work in through Ashley and to you, Ashley, for receiving it and being willing to share it with the world.  Thank you to all the Beings of Light who have helped and are helping in my healing and learning processes.  I am so grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you."

Nina Chong
San Francisco

"Ashley, thanks so much for the amazing session yesterday. Wow!!! I didn't realize until I was driving home that I felt like I do when I get out of a long meditation retreat. It is a delicious feeling.  Thank you so much for this breakthrough work."


Kathy Nichols, The Healthy Habits Coach
Registered Dietitian, Certified Life Coach

"I flew in from Nebraska to spend a day with Ashley. This work is something I have been waiting for my whole life. Its something I must do to help me remember what I don't remember consciously right now. I want to live this lifetime to the fullest capacity, to do the most good in peace and joy and to rise to a state of Enlightenment. As we worked through the day, I kept feeling rushes of pure joy and a sense of coming home. I recognized the things we worked on and the way we did it. I know these things. This is Who I Really Am. I am committed to studying with Ashley in the Dancing with Source mystery school. It is important for me to learn and to clear out my vessel as much as I can this lifetime."

 Andy Hoig, Publisher

Omaha, Nebraska

"I have been working in person with Ashley once a month for the past 3 years clearing layers and layers of past life karma and other barriers. There was something buried very deeply in my subconscious that I simply could not get to. I have a wonderful life in many ways -- a great job, good income, a lovely home -- yet I have not been able to manifest a loving sacred relationship with a man. Sometimes I would feel the deepest sadness for absolutely no reason I could identify. When I would go in to see Ash, I would forget to mention this until it happened to me againand again.

"The Universe decided to turn up the heat so I would have another opportunity to listen and take action. I lost my job. The stock market dropped and much of my stock portfolio decreased significantly in value. I gave Ashley an emergency call. I said, I am done with this. I want to get to the bottom of it. She cleared her calendar. We began working at 8 oclock in the morning. By 10 oclock I had uncovered a past life of such emotional magnitude that I knew we had hit pay dirt. It was about 1250AD. In that lifetime I was very beautiful. My father was a powerful man who, as I grew up, developed feelings of extreme lust for me. He essentially incarcerated me and committed incest with me for many years. I never got to have a happy life with a good man. In this lifetime that translated into my attracting men who have not been of high integrity, who focused more on having a sexual relationship with me than having a committed, loving, sacred relationship with me, and to my withdrawing from men altogether and gaining weight so I was protected from their interest in me."

"As we continued the work, it became apparent that my father in that lifetime had also reincarnated as my father in this lifetime. He died a few years ago after having a very challenging lifetime that did not include incest with me, thank goodness. Through this work, I was able to forgive his actions in both lifetimes so there are no unresolved issues in this area between us."

"Since that turning point session, I have not had the experience I described of deep sadness for which I could find no cause. I am close to my normal weight again. I found another good job in a company with a really good culture where I can make a difference and I am getting closer to being ready to date again. This time I will date with a great deal of discernment. I know what works for me and I know what doesn't."

"Thank you, Source, for helping me to clear the trauma of this old drama out of my being. Ashley, thank you for helping me connect to Source to such a deep and profound level. Now I see a world of possibilities before me."


Anonymous by Request
Burlingame, California

"I must tell you that the gentleman you did the distance healing for last week at my request calmed down. We were concerned that based on his extreme reactions he was going on another "firing rampage" and some incredible employees were going to lose their jobs. Early the following week we learned that the "matter is considered closed and no action will be taken." Whew! So, we wait with love, prayer and anticipation for the next 45 healing days to do their work....

As the days progressed, we were utterly amazed that this executive was transferred to a job in which he has no direct reports.  What incredible things happen when we work with Oneness. I am in awe of your fearless work."


Anonymous by Request
San Francisco, California

"Ash, thank you and Source again and again for finally getting my attention and helping me to listen to my body! I was in so much pain and on much medication for the fibromyalgia and arthritis and trying to deal with the lateral neuropathy that I have recently developed - all under extreme stress brought on by a recent move to a new home. During my move, we lost contact (after almost 40 years of friendship) and you were determined to find me. You knew I was in pain - through the close "connection" we have always shared. I got your voice mail after my therapy session yesterday and we arranged to speak by phone session today. You told me of a poem by Hafiz, A Divine Invitation, that was provided to you by one of your students this weekend and you had wondered who it was for - then you heard my urgent message and it became immediately clear to you - it was for me. I heard it and knew immediately it was meant for me. I am so looking forward to beginning your workshop series in May. After our intense hour and a half clearing today, I got out of the car to run an errand and my clothing was soaking wet from the heat generated from all the energy that had been flowing through me. For the first time in weeks, I had no pain, I was relaxed, and in a very happy state of mind. I even prepared our "first" meal in our new home - after 3 weeks! We have been together for hundreds of thousands of years and it is so comforting to me to know that we are reconnecting in a big way through Source. I can hardly wait for the workshop to begin - I know there are huge advancements awaiting me. You are a true "miracle worker" and Source has found a real gem in you! Keep up the magnificent work! I love you!"


Gloria Johnson
McKinney, Texas

"Thank you for being there and helping, listening, consoling me and giving me so much love! Also thank you for organizing Diana and Constance to continue the work with me. Thank you for your wake-up call! I realized a lot since we met and especially since our last phone call. I realized that it is time for me to make a commitment to being a winner! As a winner I want to stand on my own feet!.

After our work I was accepted into the acting school of my choice in Los Angeles and am relocating.  You were right!  The judges chose me.  I still am trying to come to terms with the fact that my dreams are becoming real.  Thank you so much for your help!  I am so thankful that I got to know you."


Debora Giannone, Acting Student
Basel. Switzerland



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