Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Testimonials from Participants

"As a lawyer, I have done over 100 jury trials and negotiated hundreds of agreements and settlements. I have also started and grown two successful tech businesses in the legal space. I'm a skeptic by nature, and I'm trained to discredit arguments and poke holes in stories.

The initial step into Dancing With Source takes a major suspension of disbelief. If all you are is a fly on the wall, and you're not willing to get in there and truly work with the tools that Ashley teaches, then it's not for you.

If you want to improve every aspect of your life, then you have nothing to lose and the world to gain. As a business leader, I have experienced more success and more contentment in my work since I started studying with Ashley.

For those cursed with the sharp analytical mind of a skeptic, think of DWS as a much more effective, deeper evolution of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that offers a 360 degree transformation of your life, career, relationships and, most importantly, your relationship with yourself -- and Source.

Very few people have gotten an opportunity to access this level of personal power and success, and it's nothing short of transformational. If you are ready to explore DWS, then these reviews will be irrelevant to you anyway, and you will be drawn to pick up the phone and call or send an email to Ashley.

You can't regret not doing or trying something that you either don't know about or quickly dismiss. But if you are drawn to call Ashley and, for whatever reason, you don't, that inaction could well rank as the biggest unrealized and unaccounted regret of your life."

Dan Jaffe, Lawyer & CEO
Tucson, Arizona

"Before I learned the Dancing with Source work, I often felt frazzled and nervous. I dropped out of UC Berkeley due to depression and not wanting to live. This manifested in a serious illness where my lung collapsed. I was in the hospital for two weeks with a tube in my lungs after the doctors surgically reconstituted my right lung. My energy level was really low when I left the hospital. It took me approximately a year to put myself back together. Dancing with Source was crucial to accomplishing this. As I studied and practiced this work, I was able to bring my energy level to optimal and begin to heal the underlying emotional causes of my depression and illness, step-by-step, directly with Source and the Archangels. Now, it is my honor to help others heal themselves of whatever 'buggy code' is hindering them from moving forward in their lives."

Juan Manuel Ramirez, DWS Master Facilitator
San Jose, California

"I have studied rolfing and craniosacral therapy for years. I delight in my work as a practitioner in the field. I am known as the 'gentle rolfer' because I work with my clients' entire energetic field to understand what is going on and to help them accomplish the shifts they desire. I met Ashley through my wonderful coach, Diane Boivie, who insisted I needed to meet her. Well, that was life-changing. As I began to learn the Dancing with Source body of knowledge and integrate it into my practice, everything changed. Life got progressively easier and easier. This work has a life of its own and will take you places that you have only dreamed of. It really is aptly named. When you learn how to get on the dance floor with Source, be ready to DANCE!"

Kathleen Cheek, Rolfing Structural Integration
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
San Rafael, California

"I had just been awakened by the Archangel Michael when I was Guided to the Dancing with Source website. When I read that Ashley worked with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Source It resonated with me and I immediately called her. I told Ashley that I talked with Michael all the time. I could hear the smile in her voice when she responded, 'Of course you do.'

My biggest challenge at the beginning was a very fast reaction time to things that triggered my 'buggy code'. In a manner of speaking, my internal landscape was similar to a land mine field that had not been disarmed. I embraced the DWS tools wholeheartedly and began to experience immediate systemic change as I used them daily. I learned that I had repressed and suppressed so many emotional responses over this and previous lifetimes that formed an internal network of pain. As I found and healed each of these pain points, the overall network of pain lost more of its intensity and power. I still remember a situation that -- before I learned the DWS work -- severely triggered me. After I learned DWS, the Universe tested me by giving me the very same situation again. This time it held no power over me.

For me this is the bottom line of the DWS work: I am free."

Madeleine Harmath, Engineering Manager of QA
San Jose, California

"I still remember meeting Ashley for the first time. It was as if we had known each other for eons -- and so we have. As I described in my video on YouTube about how working with her and Source healed my persistent migraine headaches in one hour private session, this work is extremely powerful. I am the one who asked her to teach it because I wanted to learn how to do what she did. At the time, she was fully engaged in her organizational development company and had not given this much, if any, thought. Persistence works. Suddenly, it came together like magic -- and in August, 2007 the first group of Dancing with Source master facilitators was being born. Although all experienced profound personal change, not everyone went the distance. This work is like learning t'ai chi or qigong. One must show up for it consistently, endure all that it reveals to you about yourself, and learn to transform the shadow, or 'buggy code', that all of us hold deep and dear within ourselves.

My intuition about the importance of learning this work proved accurate. It has changed my life, my work, my marriage and my love of life for the better. I cannot begin to describe the peace and joy with which I move through my life. With all my heart, I love using the Dancing with Source tools to help my clients shift, whether they are individual coaching clients who want deep personal change -- or corporate clients who want important culture change. "

Diane Boivie, President, Catalyst Coaching & Training
Novato, California

"I am a licensed acupuncturist offering traditional and Esoteric Acupuncture in my practice in San Anselmo, California as well as holistic nutritional counseling. For years I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Mikio Sankey, Ph.D.,who was the first to introduce Esoteric Acupuncture to the world. After moving from Los Angeles to Marin County, I searched for an avenue to connect with a spiritual community that would appreciate the value of my esoteric work. A colleague, suggested that I meet Ashley Warrenton-Smith. My connection with Ashley was immediate and soon after I began studying Dancing with Source. In short order I discovered that not only did the two bodies of knowledge inform each other but my DWS work also deepened my understanding of the Esoteric Acupuncture. I am someone who is motivated by alchemy. There is nothing more amazing or rewarding than to see a transformational shift of mind, body and Spirit in another human being. Currently, I am integrating the DWS Processes with Esoteric Acupuncture in my practice and am very excited about the potential which these two powerful healing modalities bring to clients."

Carlyn Montes De Oca
L.Ac., M.T.O.M., Dipl. O.M.

"Dancing with Source is an amazing mystery school. This fabulous series of workshops has provided solid, dependable and practical spiritual tools which get results in the physical world. I am able to balance my own chakras, energy meridians and subtle energy bodies as well as other energetic processes to get back to and sustain optimal physical health and balance. For example, I have used the Setting the Watchtowers process for creating a space conducive for a smooth and productive facilitated roundtable discussion for 24 people. The outcomes of that session went beyond their expectations and are still being talked about. I have been especially pleased with the results of using the Manifesting and Congruence processes. Sales calls are now easy, effortless, and fun! Prior to calling I check for Highest Good, ensure congruence and remove any barriers. One time, in the middle of working the process for one organization, I received a call back from my contact. He told me his manager, who had been planning to call me for several weeks had been super busy. Within one hour of having completed the congruence and manifesting processes, I received a call from the manager; we hit it off immediately and set up an appointment to discuss how I could help them. The Dancing with Source processes are now a standard part of my business practices, In addition, I have more balance, ease, and joy in my life."

Diane Boivie, PCC, ORSCC, CPCC
President Emeritus, North Bay Coaches
Expert in Team Development, Coach & Trainer
Novato, California

"My spiritual journey has always been one of feeling and deepening my relationship with Source. Even when I went to church as a young man I was constantly in conversation directly with God, and felt violated when others said I can only find Him through something or someone else. I never felt separate ... just pulled away or shuttered inside.

I am writing to acknowledge Ashley's nourishing guidance in reassuring and reminding me that Source is right here where I have always found Her, completely accessible, any moment, any place, in any situation. It never made sense that Source would want me to suffer or be separate, and being in the mystery school I have found myself no longer suffering, even as I am continuing my work to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family.

Since being in the Dancing with Source series of workshops, I am experiencing and remembering a greater feeling of Love within me than I have ever felt. I realize that this feeling is and has come from within me, rather than from outside. It continues to increase within me each day. Even when trouble appears, this feeling stays near, a true companion, a loyal partner.

Dancing with Source has taught me to remember that Source is always right here, right now, wherever, with whomever.

I appreciate your work, Ashley, and I appreciate you for devoting and trusting your life to teach this beautiful work to me and others. I also appreciate the other students who gather to participate in this awakening, who are courageously gathering with us to bring Divine Light into this species called Human Beings.

I am grateful, Ashley, deeply grateful."

Robert Gurley
Professional Handyman
Marin County, California

"Almost as long as I can remember, I have felt uncomfortable around my family of origin without being able to quite put my finger on all the reasons why. The general emotional climate was relatively constricted, emotionally constipated, and conditionally accepting with heavy religious undertones and allegiance to a punishing deity. All that being said there were occasional breaks for humor and fun in spite of it all.

I threw myself into academic success as a means of acceptance and escape. As I progressively chose to deviate from compliance with family rules, I experienced intense emotional trauma, which vastly intensified in my 30's when I began co-habiting without marriage to my boyfriend. Just being true to myself has meant endless energetic punishment primarily from my biological parents, but also from my siblings as well. Although I have had over 20 years of darn good alternative and energetic healing work in various modalities, none of them yielded the profound results I have so very gratefully enjoyed with Dancing with Source. I feel neutral to and energetically protected from the constant barrage of psychic communication from my family of origin. I have enjoyed such a HUGE relief!

Dancing with Source quickly and dramatically upgraded quite a few others areas of my life as well, including helping me to manifest more work/income, and effortlessly, joyously making healthier choices in regards to my spending and debt reduction.

What a remarkable wellspring of Grace this body of work is!!! Thank you, Spirit, and thank you, Ashley!!!"

Ann Johnson, Dental Hygienist
Sonoma, California

"I have witnessed over and over again, first hand, the power of the Dancing with Source workshops. I diligently utilize the tools Source teaches through Ashley. I was diagnosed with cancer again about a year ago. I made up my mind that I would not have this. I changed my diet to reduce my acidity and increase my alkalinity, utilized the Dancing with Source processes and the 'village' of healers that I know and love. These gentle and giving people are one of the many blessings of studying this work. Ashley encourages students to work with each other regularly to clear our 'buggy code' and monthly we come together to work on at least one member of our DWS 'village'. What a blessing that has proven. to be My tumor markers are zero. My doctors are amazed. I am not. Everything is possible with Source and the Archangels."

Janet Bachand, Retired Marketing Leader
Pleasanton, California

"I have studied many aspects of metaphysics. To my great pleasure, the AMAZING information I have learned through the Dancing with Source mystery school completely supported and integrated with all that I already knew. These tools have really helped me in business in setting up situations for success, in my personal life because I am increasingly more centered and balanced - and bring a greater wisdom to all aspects of my life. The way that Source and the Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Uriel and Gabriel work through Ashley stunned me in the early months. Now, I have the same experiences in which I continue to delight. In addition, I have learned to work with the Lords of the Akashic Records to help myself and others.

One of the incredible benefits of being part of the DWS mystery school is my deep connection with the other students and graduates. They have proven to be people that I could count on when I needed help -- as we all do from time to time -- and have become dear friends. The help that a trained DWS Master Facilitator can give in time of need is far beyond anything that I knew was available prior to experiencing this work.

I am very grateful for this esoteric knowledge that needs to become common knowledge for all humanity."

Diana Lee, Sales Professional
Novato, California

"I had been struggling to get over a back injury for the last three years. It always seemed to be flaring up for no reason. Through using the congruence process which I learned in the first level of Dancing with Source, I realized that I was blocked by a subconscious fear of having the same end result that my own mother had with the same injury. Watching her go through what I have without totally bouncing back from it scared me deeply. I was vacillating between getting back to my full health and doubting that I could -- thinking I had to go down the same road she had. With the congruence work I realized that I was free to create my own outcome and that I could return to full health. I felt a sense of liberation from non-beneficial thought patterns I didn't even know I had until we did the work. I physically felt that particular pattern release in me. Since learning this, I'm on the road to full recovery. I cleared the road with help from my friends in Light places!"

Deanna Bocz-Reeves, Bodyworker
San Francisco

"It is lovely to be among a community of pure-hearted, truly spiritual individuals. Not only is this work powerful when I do it individually, it is meant to be done in community with others, in groups, in pairs -- together. It has been so powerful to practice the techniques and processes taught in Dancing with Source not only for my own healing, health and balance, but so that I can show up for others as my best self and provide support and service as it is needed.

It is reassuring to know that there are many others who wish to deepen their connection with Source by accessing the Divine Guidance that is available for all of us. I love knowing that I am far from alone in this pursuit.

For me, I have transformed some less useful beliefs around my ability, or inability, to manifest what I want. It is immeasurably helpful to really get to the core of those blockages and to take charge of transforming them. As well, understanding congruence as it relates to manifestation is such a deep topic. I am paying attention, as I have not before, to what is truly in my highest and best interest. What I want, or think I want, is not always in my Highest Good. What a shock! Learning that sometimes things are blocked for a good reason is part of learning trust and learning to let go, and that is BIG."

Carol Madrigan
San Francisco

"Dancing with Source has expanded my belief systems dramatically, taught me to live consciously and make highest positive choices with Guidance and my truest intentions. The tools and concepts are practical, powerful and elegant. They have directly activated my internal knowledge and clarity about Who I Am. They have illuminated how I'm capable of partnering with Source and the Beings of Light to create absolute miracles in my life, in the lives of my family, and, ultimately, to assist humanity to evolve its collective consciousness.

Through this empowering series of breakthrough workshops, I have come to terms with my identity as a spiritual being who is having a human experience, and I have learned powerful tools to create the life I came to Earth to have. If you are seeking the clearest, most unobstructed way to serve the Light, you have found it. This training will assist you to do so beyond your wildest dreams.

In addition to studying the DWS material, I work with Ashley in private sessions, as did my boyfriend. Through this work, we were able to clear ancient blockages that made it difficult to co-create the loving relationship we desired. Both of us persisted through every challenge and were recently married. I am so grateful to be fully with the love of my life -- and to have these tools to clear any future obstacles that might arise."

Julnar Rizk, Past President of San Francisco Coaches
Coach, Facilitator & Trainer

"Wow! The knowledge I have gained through the Dancing with Source mystery school has been very insightful and beneficial. I have become more aware of everything that has occurred in my everyday life. It has also helped me to hold myself accountable for my actions and knowing if I choose 'door number two', the shadowy door, instead of door number one, I can learn from it -- but when I continue to choose 'door number one', the Light-filled door, every single time, my life becomes infinitely easier.

Five years ago when I first began working with Ashley, I dreamed of a husband, child and a home. It felt like an impossibility because I had such sadness and grief from an earlier failed relationship. I now have a wonderful husband, two darling sons and a beautiful home -- and I love and trust myself.

I have learned that life is a journey and I must continue to do my work and keep myself clear! Even though I do a piece of work - I need to work on the next piece of work that comes up and the piece after that. As I do so, I become Lighter and Lighter - more filled with joy. What a great feeling!"

Katie Flotten, Director of Human Resources
East Bay, California

"Thank you, Universe, for bringing me to Ashley's doorstep. I had been asking for an incredibly gifted teacher and healer, and, poof, there she was. I've always been different from other people, and taking this class was no exception. The way I channel healing and divine messages is very unique, but Ashley expressed deep honor and appreciation for this, which just served as a catalyst for amping up my gifts even more!

Taking the Dancing with Source workshops really increased up the frequency of miracles in my life! During the workshops, I experienced a series of what I call 'clean-up miracles' - transforming old ties and patterns that would not be congruent in the magical future that I envisioned for myself. And about a month after the first workshop, the Universe started to shower gift after gift upon me! My book started to write itself. Electrical appliances started to fix themselves. Business opportunities materialized out of thin air. My love life shifted into a beautiful space full of joy, passion, and bliss! I told Ashley about all of these miracles, and she said, 'You know what happened, right? You showed up for God."

Kristin Rose, PhD, Motivational Speaker/Healer/Coach
San Mateo, California

"I feel so full of love today - thank you!! Our Saturday workshop was a magical day. It was completely different than the first workshop we had, but just as magical.

After the healing circle around Janet was complete, the Light went on inside of me about how I have verbally and physically abused my body. Yikes! I've been making amends with her ever since and eating healthy, organic veggie food. I can't believe how cruel I've been to this beautiful vessel!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow. Hopefully someday, when I've had a chance to heal myself, I will be able to help others. Thank you so much for teaching this information. And ... I can't wait for the next workshop!"

Valerie Lane, Real Estate Management
Seattle, Washington

"I want to express how impactful I've found this work to be -- and how much my life has changed through my participation. Over time a profound understanding unfolded in me regarding 'congruence'. It was a bit of a shock to learn and to realize through my practice that different parts of myself were not always aligned with each other -- or with my Highest Good. I get an image of an odd-shaped rowboat with different parts of me rowing in different directions, instead of together in a state of unity. The implications have been ... large. Out of the DWS work I have made significant changes: found a job I resonate with in a down economy, moved to a beautiful new home and strengthened my relationship with my significant other.

Thanks for being so supportive and generous. I am grateful."

Will Schneider, Writer
Santa Rosa, California

"Dancing with Source has given me tools to move into greater levels of understanding, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, humility and courage within myself. They continue to strengthen my connection with Source, the Angelic Realms, the Ascended Masters and all of Life. I am deeply grateful to Source for these teachings. To say that I have changed is an understatement. When I first began studying I felt shielded, vulnerable -- and so hungry for something more that I couldn't name. I found it. It was my Self, my God/Goddess-Self. I have found ME. I always had my connection to God. Now I have my connection to me. Thank you so much, dear Ashley, for allowing Source to bring this profound knowledge through you and sharing it with the world. May you be continually blessed for all that you do for others."

Trudie London, Colon Hydrotherapist
San Rafael, California

"I met Ashley in April. As we spoke, face to face, I knew that my life was about to change. Her blue eyes hold deep calming waters, her warm smile is like sun shining all around you, her words of wisdom - when spoken - are articulate, real, of integrity and healing. Ashley has profoundly opened the channels in my life to the work that God has called me to do. I have been on a spiritual path for 25 years for which I've been grateful, but it was Ashley's work through Dancing With Source that assisted me to accept with clarity, step into and receive my calling to fulfill my life's purpose.

Ashley, my angel, I am forever grateful for the gift you have given me. Thank you for touching my life and for believing in me."

Carol Ann Wentworth
Sausalito, California

"As a Type-A, expressive, anal retentive, bottom-line focused person with a professional background in the corporate arena where results are key and valued many times more than process, I am truly delighted and relieved that Ashley's workshops in the Dancing with Source mystery school curriculum are clear, easy, user-friendly -- and the results are quickly and powerfully materialized. Thank you, Ashley, for helping me get to the root causes of my challenges in letting go of relationships that no longer serve me -- and of my own behaviors and patterns which have caused me to work harder than necessary to achieve success.

I feel as if huge weights have been lifted. I'm thinking more clearly. My interactions are more mutually honoring of myself and others. Bottom line: I'm literally having more FUN while accomplishing more professionally and personally. Thank you, Source, all angels, and Ashley!"

Gloria Cotton
Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner
Principal, Gloria Cotton & Associates, Inc.

"I am ecstatic that I have been guided to the Dancing with Source mystery school and to Ashley who holds such an amazing space for transformation and love to occur over and over again. Since I started Dancing with Source mystery school, my life has been filled with magic (and, yes, a few tears as my ego tried to hold on for dear life). As I kept clearing out the old and claiming my commitment to absolute truth, authenticity, and to living fully in alignment with my soul's purpose, grace filled every aspect of my life.

My business as a massage therapist has been more prosperous than ever. Regular clients have been doubling up on tips and asking what I have been doing as I called in the Archangels for every session. My work has become more profound for my clients and for me. Some challenging personal relationships have moved from stress and strain to peace and harmony. As I open more and more to Source and the Light, the effort and struggle is falling away - and is being replaced by constant joy. I am forever grateful."

Christina del Gallo
Massage Therapist & Artist

"I owned a piece of property in Sedona that I loved. I was confused about whether or not to sell it because I was emotionally attached to it, yet it would create some additional income for me that I needed. I did a meditation in my back yard and asked Source to bring a couple, if there was one, who would build their dream home on it and would love and cherish it. Then, I could release it emotionally. Toward the end of my deep meditation I felt a quickening in my body. It was profound knowing that something had happened. The next morning I received an email from a couple in New Jersey who want to build their dream home on this property. I was in deep mediation and prayer from 6PM to 7PM. The offer was dated the preceding day and time-stamped at 6:57PM!

My work in the Dancing with Source mystery school has deepened my connection to Source and has helped me become aware of how to co-create miracles. The transaction was completely smooth and easy. This jump-started the flow for me. During my DWS studies, I began looking for a new job. I found one with a really lovely organization that I very much enjoy. Trusting in the flow and trusting in Source is the biggest thing I have learned from Dancing with Source. Thank you so much!"

Susie Brown, Vice President
Fremont, California

"When I first came to see Ashley, I was chronically exhausted, depleted and carrying more weight than I wanted but unable to lose it no matter what I tried. I worked with Ashley for 4 to 5 hours at a time in private sessions to heal some deep underlying emotional trauma I experienced as an exchange student in Belgium. As we were doing that work, Source educated me and brought me to congruence with eating a non-GMO, 100% ORGANIC diet of fresh fruit, vegetables and high-quality protein. Miraculously this combination of emotional healing and diet changes came together for me because I lost 35 pounds in 4 months. I weigh what I weighed before I went to Belgium 20 years ago! I have abundant, sustainable energy now. I enjoy my life, my family -- and studying and practicing the Dancing with Source tools. I am so glad that Ashley comes to Tucson to teach this material. I am continually amazed at the power of this work, but why on earth should I be? It came from Source."

Atasha Avery Jaffe
Tucson, Arizona

"Carlyn Montes De Oca said, 'You have to meet this woman!' Trusting Carlyn I went to Ashley's home to meet her. Before I knew it she was doing past life regression and healing with me on something that had blocked me for years. She acted like this was no big deal and said anyone who was interested could learn to do it. I said, 'I'm interested.' The next thing I knew I was a student in the Dancing with Source mystery school. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it! I have gotten so much more than I asked for -- and I am so grateful. I'm grateful for the tools that I have learned, for the incredible feeling of connection I have with Source and the Archangels, and I am grateful to the DWS 'village' which is filled with wonderful healers who give love, trust, kindness, laughter and so much more. I just attended my first Dancing with Source spiritual retreat. All I can say is, 'What a miracle!!!' Thank you, Ashley, for helping me change my life for the better."

Charity Goodin, Massage Therapist and Singer
Novato, California

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashley on the Leadership Team of North Bay Coaches, a subchapter of the international Coaches Federation. We had a great time together -- mostly because she laughed at my jokes! There was something about her: she always had a sparkle in her eyes and seemed to bubble over with joy. I thought, 'I'll have some of what she's having.' Somehow -- I'm not quite sure exactly how -- I found myself enrolled in the Dancing with Source mystery school. And, guess what? I now have LOTS of the same things she has: powerful tools I can use to clear whatever blockages show up for healing, lifelong friends in the DWS 'village' -- and a deep connection with Source and the Archangels.

I've long been a seeker of the Light. As the Dancing with Source work unfolded for me I found that it linked seamlessly with the earlier work I had studied in belief change. Working with Source and the Archangels added a dimension to my change work that made it profoundly easy to help myself and others create the lives we were born to have. To say that I am deeply grateful is an understatement."

Mark Nida, Coach
Novato, California

"Learning the DWS body of work has changed our live together -- and, in fact, is still changing it. We feel strong, resilient, and deeply connected to Source. We trust ourselves to receive gnosis, profound knowing, that guides our lives and our work. We look forward to seeing how our lives will continue to unfold with great delight. Thank you so much, Ashley, for allowing this body of work to come through you. It has deepened our relationship to include Source and changed our lives profoundly for the better."

Nicole & Peter Trapasso
San Francisco, California

"I have huge gratitude and appreciation for each one of you who worked on me yesterday in our DWS Graduates workshop. The field of loving, healing energy was amazing whether your were holding space for me to transform or whether you were working directly with me. Super huge gratitude and appreciation tp those who did work on me: Nicole (bless you for your love AND telling me to receive AND doing a lot of dang awesome meticulous work!). Ashley, bless you for seeing that I needed even deeper work, could not get to on my own, and helping me uncover and heal that extremely traumatic, deeply buried past life. Thank you Nicole, Peter, Ashley, Steve, Diane, Ann, and Kathy for banding together and helping me transmute that pea-green color on my face, what appeared to be a severe sinus infection, extreme tiredness and much, much more into robust, vibrant health! And to think (operative word 'think'), I almost did not show up for this workshop! Bless me for showing up! And letting go to receive!

Love, love, love to each of you!"

Nina Chong, Retired Auditor
San Francisco, California


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