Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Gloria Cotton
Elgin, Illinois

My life mission and purpose is to live in Love and power and to encourage, inspire and help others do the same. My certifications include:  Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher, Dancing wit Source™ Master Facilitator & Teacher, and Reiki Master

Together, you and I will work with your individual Consultative Team (Source, a.k.a., God, Creator, Yahweh, Allah, Love, Higher Self, etc.), Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divine Teachers and loved ones) to answer questions like:  “Why am I here?”, “What should I be doing now?”, “Why is this relationship so hard for me?” and “What’s the best thing for me right now?”  You will receive clear, specific answers and practical recommendations for next steps that are in your highest good in your personal and professional lives and in relationships with yourself and others.

In addition to accessing the Akashic Records on your behalf as I articulated above, it will also be my honor to use the Dancing with Source™ processes to assist you in transmuting any barriers you may have to fulfilling your life purpose.   You have three options:  Accessing the Akashic Records reading, Dancing with Source™ energetic healing session, or a combination.

My goal is to help you experience Love, joy, excitement, peace and “success” in all areas and situations of your life.

Clients say ...

Sapna, Television Producer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I've spent my entire life trying to find someone who could offer me mind-blowing, soul-pleasing and all-encompassing energy work. Trust me when I say I have tried just about everything out there and was close to pulling the plug when Gloria showed up in my life. Appropriately having coined her 'Glow', her energy work is unparalleled to ANY I have ever experienced. She has a way of dancing with your soul the way that no one else can. Trust me - the time is now; the time to treat your soul to the loving it is desperate for. There is no other person on this planet that can do for your soul what Glow can -but hey, don't take my word for it, try it for yourself and you WILL become a believer.”

Marlon; Organization Psychology Consultant; San Francisco

I wanted to let you know how helpful my session with you was the other day.  It was certainly a very different experience, one that I had never had before.  The most beneficial part was learning some key aspects about my feelings and how I relate to them.

I have been able to take the lessons to my personal therapy and to my life directly and have benefited from it tremendously.  In fact, because of it, I finally was able to loosen up my repressed grief from losing my first partner.  I did not know how much sadness, anger and guilt I have been carrying all these years and how much this has prevented me from moving forward.

I am very thankful to you that I was finally able to begin the healing process.

Lorren, Actor, North Hollywood, California

Recently I had been feeling a lot of anger, frustration, hurt, etc with the various relationships in my life and even with my own person.  Gloria insisted that we have a session, and I did not object.  Although I was not feeling many physical changes during the session, I was feeling more at ease as we continued.  When she began revealing things to me about why I was experiencing the things I was, things felt clearer.  I felt validation for my emotions.  I felt stronger to work through those emotions to get to the joy of me.  I felt more accessible to love God and myself.  My circumstances hadn’t changed, but my outlook was beginning too.  Since then, it’s been a slow and continuous journey of letting things go and morphing into a less frustrated me.  It’s still a work in progress, but I know that the session was definitely a factor in my active transformation.

Anne, Meeting and Event Management, Wilmette, Illinois

Gloria cotton is the most incredible woman I have ever met.  Spiritual, charismatic and a clear channel  to God.  She has read my Akashic records, done energy work with and assisted my beloved twenty year old cat in making her transition.  I adore this woman.

Andy, CEO/Publisher, Omaha, Nebraska

Gloria, I can't tell you how valuable it has been to both my personal and professional life to have worked with you to access the Akashic Records. The two readings that we did provided me with a better understanding of who I really am and what my mission is. The readings also provided information on various relationships and the contracts that I entered this lifetime with.

The workshop you gave on how to access the Akashic Records has allowed me to spend time with the Lord of the Records. This goes hand in hand with the Dancing With Source work that I'm doing. I can't wait to see where I am at on my journey a year from now!

Rev. Patty, Minister, Mundelein, Illinois

I cannot say enough about Gloria Cotton. This is a woman who believes in what she does and does it with passion!  She will look at your soul and walk with you through any experience without judgment, only with love in her heart for you and your healing.  She is honest and boy, can she sing too!  I trust Gloria, completely working with me on my spiritual journey of renewal and healing.


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