Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Gloria Johnson
Dallas, Texas

You know what you want to do with your life – and are already doing it – but not at the level that you KNOW you are capable of.  You have picked up some non-beneficial habits, beliefs or patterns of behavior that impede your progress.  You have worked on this but you have not been able to shift it so you do nothing and nothing changes.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can have every single thing you desire that is in your Highest Good.  If you are Guided to work with me, I can facilitate this with you. 

I worked in the legal profession and in the corporate world for two decades.  I understand the challenges that you face.  I am highly trained as a Master Facilitator in the Dancing with Source™ body of work.  I began working with the Archangels Ariel and Uriel when I was 19 years old in Dallas, Texas.  At that time I began to understand the compassion and love with which we are all surrounded.  I use the DWS tools in collaboration with Source, the Archangels and you to identify and transform any barriers you may have to being Who You Really Are.

I work by phone or Skype with clients from all the over the world to assist them in bringing their life dreams into reality.


Clients say ...

“Gloria worked with me over several sessions to help me identify an internal life-long pattern of thinking, speaking & behaving that is best characterized by the words, “I am the boss of me!”; therefore, don’t tell me what to do, don’t try to influence my schedule, don’t give me any input.  Needless to say, this was in the way of all of my relationships:  husband, family & work.  It did not resonate with what my heart wanted which was collaboration, ease, flow, peace & a lot of love.  Gloria helped me surface this deeply buried pattern along with others, shift them & change my life.  Thank you so much!”

-- Kate St. John

“Working with Gloria has changed my life.  When I began working with her, I had difficulties in my job that showed up in physical symptoms including upset stomach, anxiety, inability to focus, uneasiness around co-workers & free-floating fear.  I was determined to change this.  I had heard about Gloria’s work & scheduled monthly sessions to work with her on symptoms that were coming up for me.  Well, we didn’t stay at symptoms!  She allowed me to describe them & then went straight to work looking for the underlying cause to transform it into something far more productive.  This work is very thorough & fast compared to everything else I have tried.  Gloria was expert, fun, very kind & gentle to work with.  I no longer have free-floating fear or anxiety at work.  The energy in the office is completely different now – even though there have been no other changes.  It is very peaceful & I look forward to going to work.  I recommend Gloria to anyone who really wants to create changes in their life!

-- Ann Goodwyn

“Working with Gloria changed my life!  I was going through a lengthy divorce & international property settlement with my husband of many years.  I was so ready to move forward in my life yet my energy was drained, I had periodic bouts of deep sadness & loss that did not match my desire for forward motion.  I knew I had to do something different.  A friend told me about Gloria’s work.  I called her & the rest is history.  I am back to who I really am:  filled with energy, focused on running my businesses & enjoying life.  Thank you so much, Gloria!

-- Gabriella Paoli


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