Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Madeleine Harmath
San Jose, California

My training is in electronic engineering. I have worked in corporate American within the Engineering field for the past 20 years. My specialty is working with clients in the technical space. In my own direct experience and that of my clients I have found some trends that include:

Physically – They manifest physical symptoms when they are stressed such as knee pain, back pain, and various illnesses.

Emotionally – In this important area, they may manifest such reactions as outbursts, withdrawal, sadness, shut down, detachment, disengagement, depression and anger.

Mentally – Symptoms may include insomnia, chronic fatigue, lack of focus, inability to conceptualize, feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated.

Spiritually – Clients have reported feeling disconnected from the Divine, a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, abandonment, and loss.

After working with clients using the DWS tools and other modalities in which I am trained that include Massage, Reiki, and Craniosacral, I have observed clients transform. They often report a sense of internal ease, relaxation, enhanced ability to achieve deep sleep, increased mental clarity, a pervasive sense of peace and increased ability to cope effectively with the demands of their lives.

Clients say ...

“I began working with Madeleine because of intense pain in my right knee. She brought me to congruence with receiving healing and ran energy through my knee for about two minutes. The pain immediately reduced significantly. She began to look for the underlying cause of my knee pain including past lives, this life, my maternal and paternal bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs and trauma. She found repressed trauma that I encoded in my right knee when I was pushed down in my elementary school playground and taunted by my classmates. I encoded feeling powerless, worthless and victimized. The amazing thing was that these are feelings I have had in this life in my work and in my relationships. After this session I felt remarkably different: empowered, worthy and confident.”

Sandra Austin, QA Engineer
Fremont, California

“I have been working with Madeleine weekly for the past two years. I was referred to her for a pervasive sadness in my heart for which I could not identify the cause. She was very meticulous and thorough in identifying underlying cause. She began by healing a past life where I was terrorized and killed by a person I perceived as a close friend. I encoded shock, betrayal, fear, and pervasive sadness. As she worked with me to heal this past life, I could feel a shift in my energy, in my heart and a release of my deep sadness. It was such a relief.

I had such a profound experience that I decided to identify the areas within myself on which I wanted to work and schedule regular sessions with her to address them. I am so glad that I did. My life is easier, happier, with a greater sense of freedom. This has translated into relationships with deeper trust and connection as well greater engagement in my work.”

Philip DeSantos, Development Engineer
San Jose, California

“I realized I had become increasingly exhausted after a day of work – every day. I still enjoyed my job; I just couldn’t focus or think clearly. In important meetings, I couldn’t think fast enough to contribute meaningfully. This undermined my confidence and created increasing levels of stress. My team members expected more of me than I could deliver. I began to lose sleep on a regular basis.

My wife knew of Madeleine’s work and suggested I book an appointment. If you knew my wife, you would would book an appointment with Madeleine, too. Suffice it to say, I ended up working with Madeleine – and I am so glad I did!

As it turned out the emotional underlying cause that was resulting in my stress, fatigue and other symptoms was within my paternal bloodline. I cannot believe I am saying these things; however, that brings up another area where I had ‘buggy code’: my belief system. Madeleine worked with me meticulously to uncover where my personal ‘buggy code’ was programmed and recoded it in my internal hard drive. The proof is in the results. I get deep, restful sleep every night. I have no problem focusing, conceptualizing or contributing. Rather than feeling stressed I feel relaxed and on top of my game.

Best of all, I received these results quickly.”

Matt Newman, Director of Engineering
Santa Clara, California


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