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Archangel Ariel

Divine Compassion towards Self and Others
Element                  Ether
North (she stands beside Uriel in the Watchtowers)
Pale pink (the color of rose quartz), white, and gold

Ariel is always the third Archangel that Ashley calls in when she is building the Watchtowers of Divine Protection.

She is gentle, kind, and compassionate.  To be aware of her presence, one must be quiet and open the heart.  Within that gentleness is deep, abiding strength.  When we give ourselves and others compassion, our hearts open and difficulties melt away.

Archangel Ariel On Beach With Man.When we ask for Ariel's assistance, she helps us to be compassionate towards ourselves and others.  Compassion is to be tender towards oneself and others.  It includes the Divine gift of empathy, to be able to deeply feel and understand the suffering of others and to ask for it to be relieved.   Rather than compassionate, many of us tend to be judgmental first toward ourselves and then pass that criticism on to others.  This often arises from deep hurts that we have experienced in earlier lifetimes - often through misunderstandings that need to be healed.

When asked, this beloved Archangel often partners with the Archangel Uriel to help us learn compassion and unconditional love toward ourselves and all others.  When Ariel shows up to help us, the visual field behind our closed eyes will often become the purest pink.

If you wish to ask for Ariel's assistance in learning or feeling compassion, try this language:

"Beloved Ariel, with all my heart I ask for your assistance in learning to be compassionate toward myself and others.  Please give me a download during my sleep tonight – and assist me to integrate this into my complete awareness gently and easily – so that I may become compassion itself.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. Blessed be."

As with all the Archangels and angels, she will not interfere with our free will and choice.  We must take responsibility to consciously ask for her assistance and intervention in our lives.




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