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Saint Germain

Much has been written about Saint Germain, including his various incarnations and abilities.  If you wish to learn more about him, you can read Unveiled Mysteries as given to Godfre Ray King in the 1930s. 

I choose to write about my personal experiences with him - and the help he has given me during this lifetime -- as well as to relate his Guidance about how to invoke the sacred Violet Flame.

Saint germain with sacred geometry.When I was growing up, my room was decorated in the color of the violet flame throughout my late childhood and teenage years.  The wood of my furniture was crème and my bedspread, pillow shams, vanity skirt and walls were violet.  I was very blessed because I had windows on three sides of my room so I had lots of natural light.  I grew dark green ivy in pots on top of my chest of drawers and elsewhere in the room because I wanted nature inside with me.

I was an avid reader - oftentimes reading as many as 14 biographies, history, and other books at a time and cross-referencing the information in them.  Many of the most wonderful hours of my childhood and teenage years were spent learning through books.  I felt as if I connected with the intelligences of the authors.

In my room, there was a special energy that I felt nowhere else - not even in nature.  It was profoundly peaceful -- and safe.

I did not know the name of Saint Germain during the time that I lived in that bedroom.  It was in later years, as I worked closely with his energy and the energy of the Violet Flame to help myself and others transform deep internal barriers, that I recognized his energy, remembered I chose his colors -- and they gave me peace.

Now, decades later, when I call on Saint Germain to bring the Violet Flame into someone's chakras, I experience the same feeling of deep peace.  Behind my closed eyelids, my visual field often becomes electric violet.  Sometimes he is joined by Archangel Michael; then my visual field will be electric violet combined with electric blue -- sometimes in sacred geometric patterns.  Other times he will work with the Archangel Ariel and my visual field will be some combination of electric violet and the purest pink.

Sometimes during the DWS work people report seeing the color violet.  Some describe a 'Light show' of various shades of violet which may be mixed with other colors including gold, pale pink, electric blue and bright white.  Typically, when Archangel Raphael shows up, the entire visual field turns green.

With me, Saint Germain is not one of the most talkative Ascended Masters.  My experience of him is that whenever I call upon him or need his assistance, he is there instantaneously.  He helps me in the most remarkable ways by giving me energetic transmissions of knowledge, Guidance, and puts situations, people, and opportunities in front of me that Guide me on my path.

In late 2012, one of the graduates of the Dancing with Source mystery school, Juan Manuel Ramirez -- a primarily unconscious channel who is extremely pure in heart, began spontaneously bringing through Saint Germain as well as other High Beings of Light.  The first time that I had the pure pleasure to be present for this, I had tears of laughter and joy running down my face.  Saint Germain was quite dry -- and wry -- in his humor.  In fact, I'm not sure he realized how truly funny he was in entering Juan's physical body.  More is written about this in the December, 2012 issue of the DWS newsletter.  I confess I very much enjoyed getting to know this other side of Saint Germain.

He is deeply involved in the healing and teaching work that I do  -- and has been one of my greatest teachers.  He works closely with Jesus Christ and Mother Mary in the magnificent work that is taking place to raise human consciousness for Ascension.

The Violet Flame is a Divine gift and tool available for everyone who asks, given to us by Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is a sacred fire that exists on the Higher Dimensions. People with the gift of sight -- 'eyes to see' -- have seen the Flame itself and in gorgeous violet auras surrounding those who work with the Violet Flame regularly. Saint Germain invites you to use it to your great advantage to clear your vessel, clear your path, and to bring Heaven into your heart.

The Violet Flame is Divine alchemy in action. Divine alchemy is said to turn our dross into spiritual gold.  The ultimate purpose of the Violet Flame is to TRANSMUTE our denser emotions, feelings, thoughts, words, actions, reactions, karma, and 'buggy code' into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps prepare us for our Ascension. Ascension means becoming a Divine Human, attaining Christ consciousness, a state of pure Divine Love and Compassion.  This is Self-realization, the destiny of every human being.

Like all of the DWS processes, the Violet Flame can be used in perfect harmony with any belief system, religion or practice. It is a neutral tool with absolutely no conditions attached to it.

It is not necessary to use the Violet Flame with prewritten prayers and affirmations. Saint Germain has said that what is important is the intention, the purity and Love that is in our heart when we invoke the Violet Flame; that the words we use are not so important. Call upon the Violet Flame in Love with a pure heart, strong intention and deep sincerity. Use the words that flow from your own heart.

Throughout my home and the DWS training center there are many large amethyst crystals that carry his energy and remind me that joy, abundance, and gratitude are gifts of the Spirit.  They are our Divine heritage.

In love, joy and peace,

Ashley Warrenton-Smith




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