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"I am the Alpha and the Omega ..."


I was 8 years old when I first remember hearing God's voice.

I was out in the middle of a huge Texas thunderstorm and I was mad!  I was very, very angry at God.  I was ready for the shoot-out at the OK Corral.  I had some things to say and I expected answers.

It did not surprise me when I received them.

I yelled,

"I do not want this assignment!  People are mean to other people here... and they are mean to animals... and they are making this planet dirty!  And, this is making me mad!  I don't want to be here."

I knew Source could understand far more than my words.

In my right ear, this very calm (genderless) voice answered, "You chose it."

Angrily, I responded, "Well, I un-choose it.  I do not want this assignment!"

Again, Source said very calmly, "You chose it.  You do it now - or you do it later."

My anger escalated, "You can't make me do it!  I can commit suicide.  I would rather do that than be here."  And, with the intensity of my emotion and my intention, I installed suicidal programming into my infrastructure.

Life just got harder.

* * *

Fast forward 27 years to age 35.  Ever since that experience with Source, I felt like I had two programs running inside me.  The real me was pure joy — and the program I installed was a consistent drive to commit suicide.

Not surprisingly, a number of life events came together to put me squarely in choice:  to live or die.

I was seriously depressed.  I had stopped seeing color, tasting food, or even trying to eat.

I ended up in a spiritual psychologist's office, Dr. Charmian Anderson, in San Francisco.  She didn't let me spend more a few minutes in my drama.  Rather compellingly, she said, "I want you to go inward and see the Light."

I thought, sarcastically, "What are you talking about?  If you want light, I'll switch on the light switch."

All of a sudden, the air went out of the room.  I recognized the presence of the Divine.  (Yes, Christ and the other Beings of Light had been working with me consistently since my temper tantrum with God.)

I hunkered down, squished my eyes closed, and tried to see the light.  All I saw was blackness.  I thought, "I can't even do this right."

Suddenly, at the end of what appeared to be a long, black tunnel appeared a tiny pin-prick of light.  I was not grateful for this.  Instead, I thought, "Whoop-te-do.  This is the world's eensy-wyeensiest pinprick of light."

In less than a heartbeat everything changed.  The Light suddenly was all around me in colors of light blue, pale pink, light yellow — and the brightest white I had ever seen.  My eyes were closed and I was experiencing quite a Light show.

The moment the Light show began, I noticed that written on the inside of my forehead in gold Light was the word:  Truth.

My eyes began seeping tears, a sure sign of miracles.

The Lights began forming what appeared to be a wall of hexagonal crystals about 10 feet away from me.  Inside each was a written one-line explanation of Divine love, infinite love, and unconditional love.  I thought, "A wall of crystal fortune cookies?"...and immediately bumped up against the outer limits of my intellectual functioning.

The hexagonal crystals were breaking off the wall and flying toward me at the speed of Light, piercing my body and flying past me.

I really, really wanted all of this information and I simply did not have the intellectual capacity to grasp it.  In that moment, I began to learn surrender.  I simply let go because there was no other alternative.  I thought, "What I am meant to remember, I will remember."

I became of aware, off to the right front of my body, of an immense energy.  I had no memory of feeling anything of this magnitude before.  I didn't turn to face it, but I sent out what I call a 'mind probe' into that energy and asked, "Who are you?  What are you?"

The same calm, gentle voice that I heard when I was 8 years old spoke in my right ear, "I am God.  I am the alpha, the omega.  I am the beginning, the end - and everything in between."

As the voice was speaking to me, I noticed the limitless power of this energy combined with an equal amount of gentleness.  There was absolutely no judgment.  There was only love.

Again, there was no gender — neither male or female.  It just was.

It said, "I love you."  ... and I knew God was speaking not just to me, but to all living things.  "I love you."  The amount of love that was coming toward me from this Being was beyond description.

The voice continued, "I do not want you to worry about these things.  They are a waste of your time."

I squeaked, "OK" as tears continued to roll down my face.

God continued, "I want you to spend your time getting to know me."

I asked, "How?  I've tried to find you for so long" [I was thinking of all the religious people I had peppered with my questions over the years].

Source reached out and touched my heart with energy saying, "Go inward and ask.  I will be there."  Then, Source passed through me on a diagonal from my right front through to my left posterior, removed my suicidal program — and I went into a state of bliss.

The bliss lasted about 3 weeks.  This was another 3 weeks where I didn't eat but for very different reasons.  I felt loved — deeply and profoundly loved.  That has not changed in the years that have elapsed.  It has only grown stronger and clearer.

... and my journey of clearing myself began.

* * *

I have done over 23 years of past life healing work.  In the early years, I worked with a wonderful practitioner.  I would not be the person I am today if not for the gifted work of this beloved man.  I honor him personally and his work.

I attempted to study past life healing but was told by Source that It would be my teacher.  That has proven to be true.  Source has taught me simple, powerful processes that clear past lives, trauma, congruencies with people, places, or things that are not in our Highest Good, Incongruencies with people, places, or things that are in our Highest Good, disempowering inheritances through the family bloodlines, patterns, programs (like the suicidal program I installed in myself at age 8), and attachments.

New information continues to come through. 

At first, I was thrilled to be able to be of assistance to the many people that wanted private sessions with me.  It became apparent as I worked with clients over 2 and 3 year periods, however, that they needed to learn these tools for themselves.  Like my own continuing experience of clearing myself, they needed not a few sessions with me but the tools to do this deep work for themselves — and, for those who are called by Spirit, to work with others. 

This is how Dancing with Source came into being.

Source wrote every process that is handed out in the workshops.  The sheer joy I experienced as Source created these things through me was not quite the vibrational level of bliss, but it was close enough for me.

As I teach all my clients and the students of Dancing with Source, if you are called to learn these things, Source and the other beloved Beings of Light will show up for you in the most amazing and creative ways.  It is likely that they will be different for each one of you.

There are 6.6 billion people on this planet.  There is a lot of clearing to be done.

Ashley Warrenton-Smith




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