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Archangel Uriel

Divine Unconditional Love of Self and Others
White and gold

Uriel is always the fourth Archangel that Ashley calls in when she is building the Watchtowers of Divine Protection.  He stands beside the Ariel, the Archangel of Divine Compassion towards Self and Others.

He is profoundly loving, kind, compassionate, and gentle.  Within that gentleness is deep, abiding strength.  When we confront our challenges from the place of unconditional love, we transform them.

He is the Great Prince of the Element of Earth.  He is the ruler of the earth, the mountains, and all that is beneath them.  When we ask, he protects us from all perils approaching from the North and through the element of Earth including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

When we ask for Uriel's assistance, he helps us to love ourselves unconditionally and, in turn, to love others unconditionally.  Many of us are judgmental toward ourselves and then we pass that judgment on to others.

When asked, this beloved Archangel often partners with the Archangel Ariel to help us learn unconditional love and compassion toward ourselves and all others.

If you wish to ask for Uriel's assistance in learning and being unconditional love, try this prayer of Love::

"Beloved Uriel, with all my heart I ask for your assistance in learning and being unconditional love toward myself and others.  Please give me a download during my sleep tonight - and assist me to integrate this into my complete awareness gently and easily - so that I may become unconditional love itself.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Blessed be."

As with all the Archangels and angels, he will not interfere with our free will and choice.  We must take responsibility to consciously ask for his assistance and intervention in our lives.




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