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This is the Ascended Master who clearly helped me throughout my early life of whom I was very aware.  I asked, Why?" all the time.  Christ answered with information that Guided me along my path.  It was not easy information to hear, understand, or assimilate.  I did not have a 'container' or cognitive infrastructure for much of it - beyond love and joy.

Christ With Light Pouring From His Heart.When I would be upset with God for the state of the world, which I often was, I would say to Christ, "I don't know why I trust you, but I do.  I am so angry at God.  He has the power to change things.  Why doesn't he do it?  Everything could be so beautiful - and they are not."

And...I would cry.

Night after night, I would get up after everyone else was asleep.  I would go out to a rocking chair on the screened porch of my grandparents' home and talk to Christ until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning. 

I asked for understanding and clarity.  In the early years, Christ primarily worked to calm me down internally, to help me differentiate and learn through the many life lessons with which I was presented.

Christ was teaching me about choice.  My choices - and their impact.

I was also learning about self-management.  I had quite a temper.  I didn't show it on the outside as much as I felt it on the inside.  Through that temper, I made my own path much more difficult than it needed to be...and that is a profound understatement.

I kept showing up night after night to ask more questions.  Christ kept showing up night after night to give me answers and try to help me understand them.

In my childhood, my teenage years, and early adulthood, I had gone to numerous churches to try to get answers to my questions.  I was not able to get them from other human beings, no matter how trained they were in religious matters.

In fact, I just could not resonate with religion.  It did not compute for me.

So...I kept asking Christ for more answers.  The religious folks with whom I spoke seemed to feel that some of my questions were blasphemous and that it was not appropriate for me to be asking them.  The energy I felt from those individuals I now recognize was fear.  In several cases, I think it was fear for me because I asked questions like,

"I don't understand why the Bible says 'fear God'.  I don't fear God.  I want to understand why God would want me to do so.  That does not make sense to me - and I need things to make sense."

As I look back on it, I understand that I was seeking 'profound knowing' - the feeling of absolute connection with God that one feels in the presence of Divine Truth. 

I did not remember that concept at that earlier time in my life.  I am very familiar with it now - and I teach others to be.

After I was 35 years old and had my transcendent experience with God/Source, I slowly began to be able to understand what Christ had been talking with me about all those years:  reincarnation, free will and choice, how other humans - not just me - make their paths more difficult than they need to be, and how important it is to clear ourselves so we can be one with God and live the lives we incarnated to live.

Over time, I found that I had grown so much and cleared myself so that I received information more clearly than I ever had before.  This became tremendously fulfilling for me - because I still had lots of questions.

As the millennium changed, I dedicated the rest of my life in service to the Light.  At the time, I did not know what that meant.

I continued to pray, meditate - and ask lots of questions.  Now, I was getting lots of answers.

And...I began receiving the tools for clearing that I teach in the Dancing with Source workshops.  I used them on myself because I still had (and have) a lot of clearing to do.  I used them with my friends and with clients when asked to do so - and, believe me, I offered.  And, I used them under Guidance when Source called me to be of assistance.

I have worked so closely and so long with Christ and Source that they are intertwined with me on every level of my being.  Both appear as energy for me, as profound knowing.  Both have the most wonderful senses of humor.  Actually, Source makes more jokes, sometimes at my expense, than any other Being of Light except the Archangel Michael.

And...I give as good as I get!

It is a blessing to have such an open, loving, and fault-free relationship with all of them.  It is my understanding that this is how it has always been from their perspectives.  We are the ones who made it difficult - through our choices.

Let's choose once again.

Ashley Warrenton-Smith




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