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Archangel Raphael

Divine Healing
Shades of green and gold

Raphael is always the second Archangel that Ashley calls in when she is building the Watchtowers of Divine Protection.

He is one of the team of Archangels that remove, with great love, respect, admiration, and gratitude, many of the barriers that cause us so much difficulty.  He is calm, fearless, non-attached, and possesses absolute equanimity,

He is the Great Prince of the Element of Air.  He is the ruler of tempest, storm, and whirlwind.  When we ask, he protects us from all perils approaching from the East and through the element of Air such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

When we ask for Raphael's assistance, he helps us to heal ourselves and others, if they have asked, situations, the planet, or whatever needs to be transformed into wholeness.   He helps us heal our subtle energy bodies, our physical bodies, our hearts, and every other part of us that needs to remember that it is already whole - it just forgot for a moment.

When Raphael is present, those who have developed the "eyes to see" will often perceive swirling colors of green and gold filling up the person or animal that is being healed.

Renee Glassman, the mother of a two-year old daughter found this page through the recommendation of a close friend.  She prayed the prayer of Love below and reported that her daughter was healed of some of the debilitating physical symptoms from which she had suffered since birth.

If you wish to ask for Raphael's assistance in healing, try this language:

"Beloved Raphael, with all my heart I ask for your assistance in healing ____________.  Please give me a download during my sleep tonight - and assist me to integrate this healing into my complete awareness gently and easily - so that I may be transformed fully and completely, for the Highest Good. Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.  Blessed be."

As with all the Archangels and angels, he will not interfere with our free will and choice.  We must take responsibility to consciously ask for his assistance and intervention in our lives.




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