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Repetitive karmic lessons where we have encoded very strong emotional attachments to needing something that we:

  1. Do not believe we have, or,
  2. Do not believe we can have, and ...
  3. That we will die if we do not have it. 

We may or may not be conscious of this attachment.  When it is brought to our consciousness, we do not want to release the attachment.  Sometimes we believe this is part of our core essence and to let the attachment go would cause us to cease to exist. 

An example might be, I need love.  The presupposition is that we do not already have love.  We may think things like, "I will do anything to get love from _________." 

This might include debasing ourselves, living lives that are less than our Highest Path, and so on.

We put our attachments before God and our forward movement on our spiritual path.

* * *

We can have patterns, programs, and attachments that cluster together to strengthen and support our entire false belief system of what is possible in our lives - all driving us at the subconscious level of our mind. 

There may be more or less consciousness on our part that something is out of balance.

When we do not understand - or ignore - the lesson inherent in situations that we viewed as challenging in earlier lifetimes, karma will be established in order to give us the opportunity to create situations in which we can learn the lesson we did not learn in earlier lifetimes.  We need to learn this lesson for the growth of our soul.

The Divine intent is merely that we gain the learning and change our way of being -- not that we suffer.   The Buddha, Gutama Sidhartha, taught that our attachments cause our suffering.

When learning and release of the attachment occurs at the cellular level of our being, we free ourselves to enjoy our lives and progress on our spiritual journey.

Some examples of attachments that clients have released include:

  • I have to have this man at any cost.  I cannot live without him.
  • I have to have this woman at any cost.  I cannot live without her.
  • I have to have a baby.  I cannot live without giving birth and raising my child.
  • I have to have love from a husband or wife.  I cannot live without it.  Any one will do.
  • I have to be told I am beautiful.  If I am not, I will cease to exist.
  • I have to be wealthy.  If I don't, I am not worth anything.
  • I have to be the center of attention.  If I am not, I will cease to exist.
  • I have to eat and eat and eat.  If I don't, I will die.
  • I have to spend money.  Nothing else gives me pleasure.  If I don't, I might as well die.
  • I have to work.  If I don't keep working and working and working, someone will find out I'm not good enough.
  • I don't want balance in my life.  It's boring.  I want drama.  I keeps me alive!
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