Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We encode trauma in our current and past lives through our:

  • Perceptions,
  • Attachments to outcomes, and,
  • Strong emotional responses in the situation. 

Often, our emotional responses include fear, pain, suffering, and others.  We often perceive these as quite debilitating even though they are illusion.  This illusion frequently includes the perception that we are helpless, hopeless victims.

In these situations we need:

  • A perception shift,
  • The release of attachments, and
  • To release our strong emotional responses in the situation

in order to release the encoding of trauma that we made deep in our subconscious mind.

When we encode trauma in our system, we put in place a silent and powerful attractor to create future situations to occur in our present or future lifetimes so that we have the opportunity to learn what we need to learn and to broaden our choices.  We can choose to:

  • Continue be traumatized, or
  • Become so resilient that we make other - more powerful - choices.

When we continually choose to be traumatized, we can set up a pattern of attract and respond that may last for lifetimes.  The goal is to learn what we need to learn so that we stop choosing to experience the perception of trauma. 

We use our perception of trauma to move ourselves forward on the path to enLightenment when we finally decide, "I will not have this any more.  There is something I need to learn that I am not getting.  What is it?" - and we seek until we find it.  When we ‘grok' it at the cellular level, everything changes for us.




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