Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.


When we do not understand - or ignore - the lesson inherent in situations that we viewed as challenging in earlier lifetimes, a karmic pattern or chain will be established in order to give us the opportunity to continue to create situations in which we can learn the same lesson.  We need to learn this lesson for the growth of the soul. 

In order to get our attention these patterns may cause us physical, mental, or emotional distress in this lifetime.  Distressing symptoms tend to cause us to look for solutions.  Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to treat the symptoms rather than seeking transformation of the root cause. 

Karma is the natural law of cause and effect.  Symptoms occur merely to get our attention.  The design of karma, which is always in our Highest Good, requires that we heal the root cause  - and gain the learning so that we do not replicate our earlier mistakes.

Past life regression and healing can provide a means for us to transform these long-held patterns.  The Divine intent is merely that we gain the learning and change our way of being - not that we suffer.  Past life healing helps us understand our thoughts and actions in the situations that occurred in earlier lifetimes which are affecting our current lifetime negatively  - and transform the karma by learning the key lessons. 

When learning and release occur at the cellular level, symptoms typically disappear, freeing us to enjoy our lives, and progress on our spiritual journey - which is the most important part.

Some examples of karmic patterns that clients have released include repetitive situations in which the individual(s) experienced:

  • Job Loss or Inability to Find Employment
  • Relationships Where Individual is Not Loved by the Parents and Significant Other(s)
  • Accidental Injuries
  • Illnesses without Apparent Cause
  • Abusive or Unappreciative Employers
  • Abusive Parents and/or Significant Other(s)
  • Chronic Disorders such as Fatigued Adrenals, Immune System Compromise
  • Failure to Receive Affirmation and Reward for Work Well Done
  • Weight Gain - Diet - Weight Gain
  • Procrastination that Prevents Desired Success
  • Find Someone Who 'Needs' Rescuing - Attempt to Rescue - Be Rejected or Fail - Find Someone Else Who 'Needs' Rescuing
  • Find Rescuer - Resent Rescuer - End Relationship - Find Different Rescuer
  • Hypochondria
  • Sadness or Depression in a Life Filled with Love




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