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In the throes of deep reactive emotion, such as anger, rage, or terror, through our intent we can install a program deep into our 'hard drive' (our subconscious mind).  An example might be suicidal programming.  We might be in a situation so onerous to us that we would prefer to commit suicide rather than continue to live in that situation. 

In that situation at one specific moment in time, we might choose to be suicidal, decide to be suicidal, and encode that program - which then begins to run at the subconscious level of our being. 

From our subconscious, we begin to create events in our lives that give us the opportunity to choose once again: 

The choice confronting us:

  1. Are we going to choose to live, or,
  2. Are we going to choose to commit suicide? 

As you might imagine, we just 'turned up the heat' in our own lives by installing that program.  It is much harder to 'grok' the lesson from a suicidal place than when we do not have that program running in our 'hard drive'.

Whatever the lesson was, we didn't get it.

In this situation, we need to work at the level of cause and transform it.  Cause may be a pattern of giving our power away that maps back to a former life where we abused it.

We need to heal the past life, release the pattern, and uninstall the program. 

The design of karma, which is always in our Highest Good, requires that we heal the root cause and all that flowed from it to gain the learning so that we do not replicate our earlier mistakes - and we can move forward on our spiritual journey toward enLightenment.




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