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Karma from Past Lives

We have all lived many past lives.  In them we stored up both positive and negative karma. 

In Sanskrit the word "karma" means "action”. This refers to both our thoughts – with which we have tremendous power to create -- and our physical actions. Karma refers to the law of cause and effect. It provides checks and balances as we progress through our various incarnations and move forward or backward along our individual spiritual path to enLightenment.

In each lifetime we have thoughts and we take actions that have either a positive or negative impact on ourselves and others. As we move through each lifetime we learn many lessons.  At other times, we ignore the lesson inherent in a situation.  In that event, we must experience that same lesson again and again until we finally ‘grok’ it – or learn it at a cellular level. 

In that area, our spiritual development is arrested until we finally assimilate the learning that is essential for our movement forward.

A karmic pattern is established which can cause physical, mental, or emotional distress in a future life.  These symptoms of dis-ease cause us to look for a solution.  Many people have been conditioned to look for help in the medical and pharmaceutical models. 

Something else to consider:  Understand that dis-ease is a friend bringing to your attention something you need to change - and that there is an important lesson to be learned.

Our uses of pain and suffering are many.  They force us to seek change.  They lead us out of darkness into Light, out of chaos into calm, out of bondage into liberation - and, out of agony into peace.

Past life healing can provide a means for us to get the learnings and transform these karmic patterns and release them. This can help us to relieve symptoms in our present lives and free us to progress on our spiritual journey.

Some common conditions that have been resolved by healing the karma from past lives in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies:

  • Unexplained or Persistent Aches, Pains, and Illnesses
  • Phobias and Allergies
  • Compulsive Behaviors / Obsessive Thoughts
  • Prejudices / Illogical Suspicions
  • Relationship Issues
  • Undesired Powerful Feelings for Others
  • Chronic Disorders such as Fatigued Adrenals, Immune System Compromise
  • Insomnia / Interrupted Sleep Patterns
  • Eating Issues
  • Deep Seated Feelings of Guilt or Shame
  • Lack of Direction / Life Purpose
  • Blockages of Various Kinds - Emotional, Mental, Physical
  • Exploring Drives to Create, Write, or Paint - and Blockages to Doing So
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Spiritual Matters and Increase our Vibrational Frequency




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