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Deep in our 'hard drive' - our subconscious mind – we have large numbers of categories of people, places, and things with which we are congruent or incongruent based upon various causal factors over many lifetimes.

When we go to manifest something using our conscious mind, powerfully setting our conscious intent to 'make it so', it may or may not happen.

It is quite likely to happen if it is in our Highest Good and if every part of Who We Really Are is in alignment.  It is less likely to happen, for example, if our spiritual body and mental body are congruent - or in alignment with - what we want, and our emotional body and physical body are incongruent.

In effect, we are saying to the Universe, "Bring it on!  No, no, no…wait..  Stop  Don’t bring it on.  Yes, do bring it on."  This lack of clarity at the level of the subconscious mind -- and sometimes in the conscious mind as well -- is not conducive to creating what we intend to create.

An example might be what is referred to as alcoholism.  An individual might have clarity and congruence in his spiritual and mental bodies that he does not want to drink, yet his emotional and physical bodies are congruent with drinking.

Another example might be a diabetic who would benefit tremendously from an organic raw food, vegan lifestyle that includes exercise.  Perhaps the individual has maintained such a lifestyle in a structured program such as the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and can clearly see the dramatic benefits.  Consciously, she wants to maintain this when she returns home.  If every part of her is congruent with doing so, she has a high probability of success.  If, however, her mental body is incongruent with this desire, her probability of success is diminished.  If her emotional body is also incongruent with this desire, her probability of success is diminished even further.

Yet another example might be a young woman who has ended an unhealthy relationship with an abusive man.  He calls, persuades her, and she resumes the relationship.  She ends it again.  He calls…and so this pattern continues, perhaps for years.  The young woman may be congruent in her spiritual and mental bodies, but incongruent in her emotional and physical bodies.  She knows the relationship is not in her best interest, yet she can’t seem to release it permanently and move on with her life.

We need to identify and release our congruencies and incongruencies  and align ourselves with our Highest Good.  Doing so frees up remarkable amounts of creative energy and the momentum to move forward in our lives.

Just about anything in our lives where we are not moving forward may have some:

  • Incongruencies with what we want, or,
  • Congruencies with what we do not want.

It is important that we learn how to clear these in ourselves and, for those who are Guided to do so, in others.




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