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Karma attracts to us what we most need to Heal.
Internal Congruence enhances the possibility that we can Attract what we Desire.
As we heal our karma and incongruencies we accelerate our Spiritual Development and create Freedom to operate with more Divine power and Decisiveness and Love.

Issue No. 3 - June 2009

This is the first issue in which Source is choosing to speak about one of the processes taught in the Dancing with Source™ workshops. The congruence process first came through in November, 2007. I was downstairs organizing the papers in my office and discarding everything that was not longer needed when it began coming through. I had to scramble through the recycling bin to find scraps of paper with enough blank space to scribble it on. After Source stopped, I ran upstairs and handed it to a friend asking, "Read this and tell me what you think."

My friend was very familiar with this phenomenon. He took the paper, scanned it quickly, and stood up. I asked, "What are you doing?"

He said, "This is amazing. I am going to go use it right now."

I laughed in utter joy. "That's what I intend to do as well. Give me those notes back and I'll put it into legible form. It will only take me a few minutes. Then, let's get to work."

We did. Our lives have not been the same.

Congruence - Key to Manifesting, Attracting,
Allowing & Receiving

It Takes More Than the Cognitive Level of the Mind
-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Deep in our 'hard drive' -- our subconscious mind - we have large numbers of categories of people, places, and things with which we are congruent or incongruent based upon various encodings we have made over this and many other lifetimes. When we go to manifest something using our conscious mind, powerfully setting our conscious intent to 'make it so', it may or may not happen.

It is quite likely to happen if every part of Who We Really Are is in alignment with our conscious intent. In other words, our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies and other parts of ourselves must be in 100% alignment with what our conscious mind wants to manifest, attract, and allow.

It is less likely to happen, for example, if our spiritual body and mental body are congruent - or in alignment with - what we want, and our emotional body and physical body are incongruent with what we believe we want at the cognitive level of the mind.

When we are incongruent, in effect, we are saying to the Universe, "Bring it on! No, no, no...wait. Stop. Don't bring it on. Yes, do bring it on." This lack of clarity is not conducive to creating what we intend to create - nor to attracting, allowing, or receiving it into our lives.

An illustration might be overeating. An individual might have clarity and congruence in her spiritual and mental bodies that she wants to be her ideal body weight and does not want to eat in such a way that she is not, yet her emotional and physical bodies are congruent with eating in the way that has created her current body weight. Even deeper than that, she might be congruent with self-sabotage, self-destruction or other things that are keeping her stuck in her patterns of eating.

Another case in point might be a severe diabetic who would benefit tremendously from an organic raw food, vegetarian lifestyle that includes regular exercise. Perhaps the individual has maintained such a lifestyle in a structured program and can clearly see the benefits. Consciously, he wants to maintain this when he returns home. If every part of him is congruent with doing so, he has a high probability of success. If, however, his emotional body is incongruent with this desire, the probability of success is diminished. If his mental body is also incongruent with this desire, his probability of success is diminished even further.

Yet another example might be a young woman who has ended an unhealthy relationship with a man. He calls, persuades her, and she resumes the relationship. She ends it again. He calls...and so this pattern continues, perhaps for years. The young woman may be congruent in her spiritual and mental bodies, but incongruent in her emotional and physical bodies. She knows with her cognitive mind that the relationship is not in her best interest, yet she can't seem to release it permanently and move on with her life.

In order to co-create with Source what we want in our lives, we need to identify our congruencies and incongruencies and align them with our Highest Good. Doing so frees up remarkable amounts of creative energy and the momentum to move forward in our lives.

The efficacy of the congruence process exemplifies the power of the processes that are taught in the Dancing with Source™ advanced energetic workshops. I learned these processes directly from Source - and I have taught them to others. These processes are very powerful in helping people clear their vessels thus creating room for more Light. Many who learn this work are Guided to use it with others in various transformational modalities including coaching, while others use it to accelerate their own private transformational journey.

Below you can read the story of Celeste Montgomery who worked with me for three years to recode her 'buggy code' so she could manifest a marriage with a man she loves.

My Story

- Celeste Montgomery

I began working with Ashley when I was 62 for some physical issues. In our first session, I surprised myself by immediately sharing with her my deepest desire. I wanted to find and release whatever internal barriers I had to creating a loving, intimate marriage with a man I deeply loved. The first session was so amazing that I began meeting with Ashley about once a month, sometimes by phone and sometimes in person. We systematically worked through many past lives, much trauma, sadness, and grief where I had lost the person that I had loved above all others in many lifetimes. Apparently, I had developed a karmic emotional pattern and I was very surprised to learn that I was not congruent with truly finding the love of my life. I was scared -- very deeply scared. We worked to shift that at the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels of my being.

With all that I discovered going on internally, I do not believe I could have manifested the partner I desired.

Finally, after almost a year of working together, I became aware of the most profound levels of fear: Heart-stopping pervasive fear that God disapproved of me and would not let me have a relationship with a man in which we loved each other deeply. I discovered profound levels of distrust in God and of myself -- and finally of men because, after all, God is a male.

I was shocked because I had no conscious awareness of thinking about God that way. I had no idea I was withholding trust from God as well as in myself. Ashley facilitated a sequence of DWS processes with Source and me. As she worked with me to face my deepest levels of fear, I could feel strong currents of energy coursing throughout my body. After we completed the work, I felt so much Lighter. I felt quite different - something had shifted powerfully in me at the very core of my being. I was weeping tears of joy and gratitude - and release. I knew I could trust Source to accept and love me unconditionally. I felt that partnership with God was the easiest thing in the world.

Interestingly, several physical problems cleared after this session that I had been worrying about. They simply disappeared and have not returned.

After that session, I felt the love of Source and the Archangels around me all the time. Within weeks, big things began shifting in my life. . I began trusting myself deeply to discern what was right for me, who was right for me, and the next steps to take in my life. One evening, the love of my life - whom I had lost in my early 20's -- called me and we began seeing one another. He told me he had been looking for me for the past 40 years. From the moment I heard his voice, it was as if no time at all had passed. The strength of my love for him was the same.

I followed Guidance every step of the way. Even though Paul lived in New Mexico, I rearranged my work schedule to fly to New Mexico and see him. He did the same. I had been worried about losing my beautiful home due to not manifesting enough work. I found that work began flowing to me easily without undue effort on my part which made this possible.

Paul and I did all the things we missed doing when the first phase of our relationship was interrupted by the Vietnam War. We traveled together, took long walks beside the ocean, and enjoyed life together on a whole new level. The pure joy of doing the simplest things with him delighted me.

About 4 months into our beautiful, loving courtship, Paul said, "You know I will never let you go again, don't you? I stopped breathing. He continued, "You have always been the love of my life. I want to marry you, just as I wanted to marry you the very first time I set eyes on you."

My heart was pounding. For just a moment, all the old tapes of failed relationships and my not trusting myself began to play. Internally, I said, "I will not have this!" I rewound that tape and deleted it. With a tremendous leap of faith in God, myself, and Paul, I answered, "Yes, I know."

He asked me to marry him and move to Santa Fe. With tears rolling down my face, I said yes. Rather than fear, my heart was pounding for very different reasons: Love, wonder, and joy.

We have been married for several deeply happy years. Believe me; I am completely congruent about how much I love my life with this truly wonderful man.

Celeste Montgomery.

    In Closing

    The purpose of this newsletter is multiple. It is to educate people about the Dancing with Source™ processes that can change their lives and the lives of those they love, to invite people to meditate and pray together whether trained in DWS or not, and to create a vortex of loving energy that is so powerful that all who read these materials are inspired, uplifted, and energized to co-create with Source the lives they came here to have.

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