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Karma attracts to us what we most need to Heal.
Internal Congruence enhances the possibility that we can Attract what we Desire.

Issue No. 4 - July 2009

In this issue Source decided to speak about three more of the processes taught in the Dancing with Source™ workshops: Releasing Patterns, Programs, & Attachments.

It was challenging for Source to teach me in the early years. The primary technique Source used was experiential learning. I would get myself into a difficult situation of one kind or another, finally ask for help, and Source would teach me how to free myself.

The process I just described sounds so easy. It was grueling on many occasions. There were times I wondered if I was "in control" of my life. I thought I was supposed to be so my lack of control frustrated me no end. I acknowledged to Source that if I was in charge, I was not doing a very good job. Sometimes I would say, "I'm messing this up so badly! Would you please unscrew the top of my head and pour the knowledge into my brain that I need so I can do things differently?"

This time in my life was very challenging before I learned to dance with Source. I didn't even know there was a dance floor. Now I do.

Source is a great dance instructor - and an even better lead.

Releasing Patterns, Programs and Attachments

-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Patterns, Programs, & Attachments -- which we formed ourselves in this or earlier lifetimes -- prevent us from being Who We Really Are, fulfilling our life purpose, and accepting our Oneness with Source.


Repetitive karmic patterns are situations in which we keep doing the same things over and over that are counterproductive for creating the life we want to experience. Some examples might include dating or marrying an abusive partner, spending money we need to save, being depressed or angry much of the time, eating or drinking too much. We are often aware that something non-beneficial keeps happening repetitively in our life, but we cannot figure out how to change it. In fact, at an earlier time, we encoded something less than Divine Truth into our subconscious mind. We incarnate lifetime after lifetime in an attempt to resolve our "buggy code".


A program is something we installed into our "hard drive" in a moment of extreme emotion, such as suicidal programming. At a specific moment in time, we chose to be suicidal, decided to be suicidal, and installed the program of being suicidal - which then began to drive us at the unconscious level of our being. From our unconscious, we began to create events in our lives that provided us the opportunity to choose once again: Are we going to choose to suicide or are we going to choose to live. If so, how are we going to choose to live? If not transmuted in a given lifetime, we may come in lifetime after lifetime to gain the necessary learning and uninstall the program.


In certain situations we have encoded a very strong attachment to needing something that we do not believe we have, can have, or that we will die if we do not have. We may or may not be conscious that we have this attachment. When brought to our awareness, we may not want to release it. In very deep attachments, we may believe this is part of our core essence and to let this attachment go would cause us to live in abject misery or even to cease to exist. An example, I must have love from a romantic partner (a spouse). This may come from a belief in scarcity, that we do not already have abundant love all around us that is very fulfilling, or that love that is not romantic love is less valuable and not satisfying. We may think things like, "I will do anything to marry this man or this woman so I can get romantic love forever." This may include debasing ourselves, living lives that are less than our Highest Path, and so on.

Our attachments may be so strong
that we prioritize them
higher than our relationship with Source
and living lives of integrity.

We can have patterns, programs, and attachments that cluster together to strengthen and support an entire false belief system of what is possible in our lives. These can work together to drive us at the subconscious level of our mind with varying degrees of bleedthrough into our conscious mind. We may be consciously aware that something needs to change, but we are unclear what changes need to be made or how to make the changes that would set us free.

Fortunately, the processes for clearing these and other blockages are simple to learn. Anyone who is interested in doing so, can master this knowledge and put it to practical use. The long term effects of doing so include increased physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

For those who are called to serve others as Master Practitioners, these tools offer a powerful ability to work with clients to help them transmute whatever internal barriers they have to create healthy, balanced, joyful lives.

Why I Want Dancing with Source™ Taught in
the Pacific Northwest

- Lynne Brisdon

When I signed up for "Where Quantum Physics and Spirituality Meet Coaching" at the 2009 Puget Sound Coaching Conference I knew nothing about Dancing with Source™. I expected an interesting, although academic, presentation that connected scientific information about quantum physics to support the use of spiritually-based transformational techniques in coaching I know many coaches aspire to spirituality, but we tend to keep it to ourselves, especially when upholding our professional image.

Well was I ever wrong! Much to my surprise and delight the session started with creating protection for the room by invoking the Archangels. Wow! In a coaching conference! This really was leading edge.

In amazement, I felt the energy in the room shift, and if any skepticism was present no resistance was expressed. Everyone was riveted to the presentation. Ashley and Diane went on to share how our internal barriers or incongruencies come from inherited bloodlines, past life karma, trauma, or disempowering beliefs from "another time". Ashley went on to demonstrate Etheric Grid Alignment for a few people who volunteered on the basis of feeling like their energy was "off".

As a spiritual healer I marveled at how effectively and quickly they worked in this large group setting. It's sometimes difficult to create such a potent healing space with varying levels of supportive energy in a group. Not so here. Source and the Archangels cut through it all and those who had asked to have their etheric grids aligned were obviously healed.

I did not put up my hand to receive a healing at the conference. I was feeling pretty good that day. However, I recently got to have the experience. In early June my Dad passed away and I was emotionally bereft. I was really trying to honor my business commitments but it was just a struggle. While on a phone conference to discuss bringing DWS training to the Pacific Northwest, Ashley noticed that my energy was flat (of course) and offered a healing session. She got right to work and cleared the energy dynamics I was experiencing: responsibility overriding my ability to connect with my life purpose and a backlog of related emotional barriers, now held physically in my body.

Although I've been pretty good at resolving emotion as it comes up, losing my Dad put me over the top. I realized that it wasn't just the event of his death; I'd been attending to him for a year and a half while he'd been living in an extended care facility. In the fall of 2007 he collapsed on his boat where he'd been living independently and we nearly lost him then.

Dad's passing ended a challenging time for us both. He really didn't want to be living in care, but given the advanced stage of his Parkinson's disease, there weren't many options. On top of that I had also moved to a new community, Bellingham, Washington, which meant a long commute to work and visit Dad. I had been carrying on, dealing with things as they came up, but it was starting to feel like a struggle. At times I even felt depressed and disappointed with myself because of all the things I wasn't getting done. Then he quite suddenly succumbed to pneumonia and was gone. No wonder I felt so tired.

Ashley encouraged me to only do what was easy felt and like play. I felt lighter by the end of our call and she indicated the healing would continue over the next 11 days. I immediately gave myself permission to catch up on my sleep and be gentler with myself. Over the next few days my energy returned. It was easier to get going in the morning and I found myself engaging in work and projects around my home with much more ease and enthusiasm. I had more energy and consequently stopped worrying about the lack of it, and the nagging sense of obligation associated with commitments has subsided considerably. Since the session with Ashley, a colleague and I decided to offer a workshop, promoted it and delivered it - all within two weeks! It was really easy and fun!

My impression of this leading edge work at the PSCA conference inspired me to help bring the DWS training to the Pacific Northwest. Now that I've experienced this amazing work first hand I'm even more excited about taking the training and being able to share it with others in the area.

Lynne Brisdon. Lynne Brisdon, as a Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Healer ,aspires to living from spirit every day. She shares her knowledge and inspires others to embrace their spiritual nature and essential purpose so they experience more joy and fulfillment in life. She guides people to recognize the intersection between with their passion, purpose and talent to determine their calling, and journey toward business and career success. She encourages highly intuitive and energetically sensitive people to thrive in their personal and work relationships. Lynne believes we are all amazingly creative beings whose purpose is to fulfill the most authentic expression of who we truly are. Her business Living in Vision is dedicated to illuminating the path to your greatest future.

In Closing

The purpose of this newsletter is multiple. It is to educate people about the Dancing with Source™ processes that can change their lives and the lives of those they love, offer this leading edge knowledge to other helping professionals, invite people to meditate and pray together whether trained in DWS or not, and create a vortex of loving energy that is so powerful that all who read these materials are inspired, uplifted, and energized to co-create with Source the lives they came here to have.

Dancing with Source
Advanced Energetic Workshop, Speaking Engagements, and Private Sessions. This transformational work is done in Partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and All Beings of Light for Clearing Past Life Karma, Maternal and Paternal Bloodlines, Trauma, Incongruencies, Disempowering Core Beliefs, Fragmentations, Implants, Patterns, Programs and Attachments.



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