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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly.
I see God in everything.
We either make outselves miserable.
If we can walk, we can dance.
Do not wait for leaders.
God grant me the serenity to accept.

It has been a beautiful time since I last sat down to work on a DWS newsletter. Much has shifted including my health. My core strength has returned along with my vision, hearing and intelligence. How refreshing that is.

I would like to thank Hasso Wittboldt-Mueller, Naturopath for his Guided work in helping to restore my physical health and for making me laugh many times, even when I was too weak to do so. I also want to thank the many members of the DWS 'village' of Master Practitioners who worked on me. What a gifted, loving and beloved group of energy healers you are. And, I would like to thank Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters and all other High Beings of Light who participated. What a team!

In addition to my much improved health, I am experiencing miracles all around. I am profoundly grateful for each and every one whether they directly impact me or someone else.

In peace, love, and joy,

The Voice of Source

-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Many mystics have referred to the voice of God as the still, small voice. In my own direct experience I have found that while the Voice is always calm, it speaks with great, good humor and a flawless focus on exactly what I need to hear.

As I look backward with 2020 vision I realize that Voice was always available to me; I was not always available to It.

At an earlier time in my very busy life I was focused less on Source and more on Drama with a capital D, if you know what I mean. My preferred source of Drama was 'men'. I dated or married men who were unavailable for committed, long-term loving relationships. Interestingly enough, like the emotional unavailability of my birth mother and father.

As the Dancing with Source work unfolded for me, I learned that:

I, too, was emotionally unavailable.

I further learned that, while my childhood was a contributing factor, it was not the entire story. I had past lives that included loss, sorrow and thwarted love relationships of various kinds. Ultimately, I became aware that I had some pretty warped encodings about love that needed to be recoded.

As I engaged in a treasure hunt within myself to find the 'buggy code' I had programmed into myself about love over many lifetimes, I found a veritable mother lode. Interestingly I found layers and layers of temper tantrums I had encoded or frozen within my physical, mental and emotional bodies over many experiences where my interpretation was that I had been betrayed, harmed, left, lost and so forth. As these encodings were transformed, I found that my perspective on love began to shift, to loosen and become more spacious.

It also began to broaden profoundly.

I began to see love all around --
and not just from other humans.

I continue to work with my encodings. Each is a great teacher of awareness. I am less and less attracted to Drama. In fact, I can view it with light-hearted affection rather than take it so seriously. As that perspective progressively shifted within me, I magnetized Drama less and less into my life. I became aware that part of what had attracted me to it was a fear of being bored as well as a cluster or other fears, each of which also proved to be related to 'buggy code'.

As the Drama reduced in my life I found a greater ability to hear the Voice.

In the unfolding work of Dancing with Source, the statement that 'appearances can be deceiving' is one of the greatest understatements of all time. I have learned that almost nothing is as it appears to be. More importantly I have learned to relax into that understanding, to be with whatever shows up in the present moment and to be open to learning -- always open to learning.

Fall Seven Times; Stand Up Eight

Courage is admitting that you're afraid and facing that fear directly. It's being strong enough to ask for help and humble enough to accept it.

Courage is standing up for what you believe in without worrying about the opinions of others. It's following your own heart, living your own life, and settling for nothing less than the best.

Courage is daring to take a first step, a big leap, or a different path. It's attempting to do something that no one has done before and all others thought impossible.

Courage is keeping heart in the face of disappointment and looking at defeat not as an end but as a new beginning. It's believing that things will ultimately get better even as they get worse.

Courage is being responsible for your own actions and admitting your own mistakes without placing blame on others. It's relying not on others for your success, but on your own skills and efforts.

Courage is refusing to quit even when you're intimidated by impossibility. It's choosing a goal, sticking with it, and finding solutions to the problems.

Courage is thinking big, aiming high, and shooting far. It's taking a dream and doing anything, risking everything, and stopping at nothing to it make it a reality.

~ Caroline Kent ~


We can choose to be Guided
by the Source that makes
the flowers grow,
the winds to blow, and
every heart to beat.

To recognize and honor that
limitless wellspring of Love
which moves all universes
is a part of Profound Knowing.

To KNOW at this level of awareness
is to be one with Love.
It is feeling the Sacred Presence within
every living thing.
It is understanding that there is a greater plan
beyond our wildest imagining.

It is the spiritual awareness
of an ever-unfolding force of Love,
constantly at work in all dimensions
and to be irrevocably touched by It.

It is the ultimate creative power of
All That Is.
Our openness to relax into that Love allows
it to evolve on our behalf
in wondrous and magical ways.
It is the Mystery revealing Itself to Itself.
-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

In Gratitude

-- Sophie Peterson

I met Ashley through a friend of my family several years ago. At that time I was deeply troubled. My mom and dad were very concerned about me. In fact, my mom brought me to Ashley's home and left me with her for an entire day in pure trust.

As Ashley and I sat in her garden room, she calmly asked me what I wanted to work on. I said I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, that I had to declare a major, that I wanted to either become a lawyer or a medical doctor and I didn't know which path really called me. I was so upset that my back was in terrible pain.

She said, "It's hard to think when you're in pain, isn't it? Would you like some help in letting it go?:

I looked at her incredulously. I had been in severe pain for three weeks and no one had been able to help me. She seemed so calm. I just looked in her eyes and said, "Please help me."

She put an amethyst yoga mat on the floor and, after explaining to me gently what she was going to do, asked me to lie face down. I did so. Even as I took my place on that mat, I could feel my body relaxing as it had not done in so long.

Ashley worked on my back for about 15 minutes. I can't explain what she did, but it worked. When I got up off of that mat, I had no pain. She smiled and just said, "Your back needed love applied directly into the muscles. They were clenched so tightly from your worry about your future and making the wrong decision. We've helped them release. Now let's help you look at your alternatives."

She softly began asking me questions and waited patiently as I struggled for answers. She listened to me deeply and took notes of what I was saying. After a while, she asked if I would be willing to experience a meditation Guided by Source. Although I did not understand what she meant, I said yes. How could I not trust this woman?

I lay down on the sofa and she began to quietly speak to me. Within moments I lost consciousness of her actual words, but I was deeply aware of swirling colors and the sound of beautiful music, although none was playing in the room. I had an unforgettable experience of being in an alpine meadow with sacred animals who communicated with me, as did the sunlight and water in the small waterfall beside which I sat. I do not ever remember such deep peace, before or since.

After a time I became aware again of the garden room and Ashley's voice. As I opened my eyes and slowly sat up, she asked me what I had learned. In wonder I looked at her and said, "I am meant to become a lawyer and help preserve our environment. I was filled with a sense of calm joy.

When my mother returned for me, I told her all that had happened. She looked at us both in amazement mixed with relief. She -- and my dad -- had been concerned about me for quite some time and she was relieved to see my calmness.

I now practice environmental law in Southern California. I have never regretted the decision I reached on that day in Ashley's garden room. I have not had another backache from worry and tension. Something changed profoundly for me that day. I am not sure what it was. I have tried to recall clearly the time I spent in that alpine meadow. I remember the deer, the birds, the butterflies that were with me ... and, I think there were other beings, but I cannot remember them clearly. They seem to have been made of Light. In their presence I felt deep peace.

I now carry that peace with me, in my heart. I am grateful.

"When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts,
the circle of creation is completed inside us,
the doors of our souls fly open and
steps forth to
heal everything in sight."

-- Michael Bridge
Dancing with Source
Our Vision is Oneness

Through the workshops offered in the DWS mystery school, all are empowered to identify incongruencies with Highest Good & congruencies with what is not, create clear two-way communication with the Divine & transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, karmic, mental, emotional & egoic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality & separation from Spirit, identification & removal of Dark Teachers & implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts, ideas, people, places & things that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies.

When we clear these & other 'buggy code' from our field we become progressively able tohold more Light & can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousnessin preparation for the Ascension.

We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.

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