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You want to know how to overcome despair.
In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.
Love is the only cause of happiness.
Love is the strongest force in the world.
When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts.
To see the all-pervading Spirit of Truth.
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.
Love makes everything possible.
When words are both kind and true

I have taken a long sabbatical to heal my physical body. I am about to turn 71 years old in early December -- and I feel great.

We are certainly facing troubled times in America. Beginning in 2005, Source told the folks in DWS that this time was coming to America -- and the world. Source said specifically, "There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Keep your eyes on the Light and you will be safe."

Those are wise words for any time.

In order to help all our readers with this, I will be posting the simpler processes at the bottom of future newletters to help folks. I love you all.

In peace, love & joy,

Keep Your Eyes On the Light

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

This can be quite challenging to do in a busy, busy world where we are bombarded with lots of information through out our days to the extent that we are connected to our various devices.

"Keep Your Eyes on the Light."

These words are easy to say; however, learning to understand what they really mean and live this way is life-transforming.

A good sense of humor helps. So does a sense of reverence and awe for the natural world around us, which Source created. Have you noticed that when you spend time in nature within short order you feel cleansed? Have you noticed that when you put your attention on something that gives you joy you feel happy? Have you noticed that when you help someone you feel wonderful?

The same is true for meditation, exercise that you enjoy, talking with Source, doing any avocations that you enjoy such as cooking, crocheting, writing, golfing, and so forth.

TIP: Anything that fills you with Light and a sense of
Divine Joy counts as keeping your eyes on the Light.

On the contrary, have you noticed how reading the news, watching the news, looking at upsetting information on social media can drain your sense of joy and leave you feeling uneasy, sad, or even fearful?

Yes, it is important to stay informed; however, you must choose your sources of news wisely. Notice whether the sources you are giving your precious attention to tend to exaggerate, be less than truthful, and report information in a way that upsets you and creates fear.

Source says that the number one thing that makes it difficult for us to stay connected to the Light is our fear. It jams our circuits and can cause us to harden our heart.

We need balance. If we spend a little time gaining our information from reputable sources, then we need to spend a great deal more time in nature, exercising, cooking, reading, speaking with friends, and doing other things that fill us with joy, a sense of purpose, and fulfillment.

This balance helps us face our fear and release it, and fill that space with Love and joy. It is also helpful to remember that Source says that the acronym for FEAR is:


As we consciously remember that we are here to grow, to develop open hearts filled with kindness, to learn to deepen our inner peace even in the midst of great turmoil, we change down deep inside. We become more balanced and centered and we begin to understand more about how to keep our eyes on the Light. As we do this, we become filled with Light -- and we look at the world differently, with eyes of Love.

By the way, Source has long taught humankind that what we sow, we reap -- magnified. When we sow kindness, we reap kindness -- magnified. When we sow courage, we reap courage -- magnified. We we sow goodness, we reap goodness -- magnified. And, when we sow Love, we reap Love -- magnified.

Inner Guidance is always available from
the 'microchip' of Source that is within all of us,
our higher Self.

There has never been a time,
never will be,
when that Guidance is unavailable to us.

Source says, "There are no rules.

There is only Guidance.

Neutralizing The Non-Beneficial Effects of Mass Consciousness

When you feel the constriction of fear, anxiety or any other lower vibrational frequency. Mass consciousness may refer to global mass consciousness, a country, a town, a family, and so forth or all of these. Be specific.


"Beloved Source, please neutralize the non-beneficial effects of mass consciousness on me NOW throughout all realities, dimensions, & universes. Neutralize it, deconstruct it, dematerialize it, dissolve it, and take that energy to the Highest Realms of Light for its own healing to be brought to the Oneness of All That Is and replace it with the most Light-filled alternatives for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. Blessed be. Thank you."


Beloved Source,

Lead me from death to Life
from falsehood to Truth

Lead me from despair to Hope
From fear to Trust

Lead me from hatred to Love
From war to Peace

Lead me from lack of forgiveness
to Forgiveness
From holding on & fighting for control
to Letting Go

Let Peace fill our hearts,
Our world, our universe.

-- Anonymous

Dancing with Source
Our Vision is Oneness

Through the workshops offered in the DWS mystery school, all are empowered to identify incongruencies with Highest Good & congruencies with what is not, create clear two-way communication with the Divine & transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, karmic, mental, emotional & egoic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality & separation from Spirit, identification & removal of Dark Teachers & implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts, ideas, people, places & things that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies.

When we clear these & other 'buggy code' from our field we become progressively able tohold more Light & can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousnessin preparation for the Ascension.

We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.

Phone Number.

Please contact us to find out more about this beautiful work which was brought to Earth by Source to help humanity raise its consciousness and achieve Self-realization -- or to obtain a referral to a DWS Master Facilitator.



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