Energetic Healing Workshops at the Dancing with Source Mystery School in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Recommended Products


  • Angelic Outreach Foundational Work of Tashira Tachi-ren, Aliyah Ziondra and Zarazaiel Yovel including AMAZING potions that are available through Alchemical Mage Co., PO Box 31645, Aurora, Colorado, 80041-1645. 1.303.326.0924. View the on-line catalogue at www.alchemicalmage.com. This is a truly remarkable body of information that dovetails beautifully with the DWS work!

  • Earth Gallery Crystals, Owner:  Charli Lundholm.  This website has a wonderful, ever-changing array of unique and powerful crystals.  Charlie is a Reiki Master and really knows her crystals.  She is a wonderful resource and very willing to share her extensive knowledge.  EarthGallery.com.

  • Flower of Life Crystals in Ashland, Oregon.  Owner:  Todd Higgins.   This beautiful crystal shop on the main street of charming downtown Ashland is a treasure trove of exquisite crystals.  Todd has even more in his warehouse so if you tell him what you're looking for he is likely to have it or can locate it for you.  He is a wonderful resource on crystals and crystal healing.  40 N. Main Street, Ashland, Oregon.  www.FlowerofLifeCrystals.com.  541.840.1181.

  • Skin Care - Moisturizing Lotion - Dr. Karr’s Acne-Statin. I have been using this product since 1992. It is my complete skin care program – for my entire body (the physical one, that is!). It’s not fancy or expensive - but as far as I am concerned, it is a miracle in a bottle. 1.800.762.2263.  NOTE: If you don’t need assistance with acne only order the blue bottles - not the orange ones. This will make sense to you if you are Guided to call them.  The orange bottles are for folks who currently need help with acne -- especially the kind that forms cysts.




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