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You want to know how to overcome despair.
In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.
Love is the only cause of happiness.
Love is the strongest force in the world.
To see the all-pervading Spirit of Truth.
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.
Love makes everything possible.
When words are both kind and true

Although I did continue to teach the DWS Graduate class in Novato up until 2016, I don't think I've taught the foundational DWS workshop series since 2014, which is the year Michael and I married and relocated to Southern Oregon. As most of you know, I had to heal myself from overwork and detox from heavy metals, specifically mercury.

I am very happy to say that I will begin teaching DWS again -- up here in Southern Oregon -- on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

The list of participants has organically built itself from individuals Guided by Source to join the class. That was one of the signs and wonders from Source that it was time to resume teaching. Some of the participants are local to the Medford-Ashland-Jacksonville-Grants Pass, Oregon area while others are carpooling in from the San Francisco Bay Area.

If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to contact me directly.

In peace, love & joy,

Past Life Healing in Bulk!

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Every quarter I drive 4 hours up the gorgeous coast of Oregon to an enchanting pyramid healing center and the Ziggurat B&B just a few miles before a tiny town called Yachats. This healing center is on a bluff directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The gifted woman I go to see is a Naturopathic doctor named Pam Staton. The magnitude of her work is different from, but comparable to, the magnitude of the DWS work.

Pam has helped me progress backward through my life in 7-year increments, healing so many things that needed to be healed on every level of my being: Physical-emotional-energetic.

We're back to my 20's now, actually age 27 to be specific. All the emotions, fears, lack of confidence, etc. of that time of my life were up for healing this weekend. As I drove the 4 hours up, I worked my L-rod with Source doing every process I was Guided to do.

When I arrived at 1PM, almost immediately Pam and I went up to the top of the pyramid to her lovely office and began the work. She hooked me up to her computer and meticulously worked with me until around 4PM. When she finished and I stood up, I almost crumpled to the floor. That is how deep the work she did with me went.

Pam said, "Ground, Ash, you know how to do it." And of course I did. I went down a flight or so of stairs and sat in her beautiful sunroom facing the ocean. It was so peaceful and healing to just be alone with Source and nature. We healed 8 lifetimes while Source was rebalancing me.

I am blessed to have a deep personal friendship with Pam and her fiancé Russ Baldwin. Among other things both of them are great cooks, but that night Russ was the star chef who made a delicious beef stir-fry for dinner with a homemade apple pie for dessert. Need I say THAT was very healing!

I slept like a baby that night on a bed above a sacred geometric grid -- except when Source woke me to do more past life healing on myself.

The next morning the three of us shared a lovely breakfast and I got on my way. During my 4 hour return trip, Source and I healed at least 60 additional past lives plus a lot of other related things. By the time I arrived home, I felt 27 -- but without all the baggage!

In case some of you think we don't have that many past lives, Archangel Ariel said we are simultaneously living about 333 lifetimes in various places throughout the multiverse so you can see that what Source and I worked on was a drop in the bucket.

After the first two lifetimes, I didn't continue to ask for the story. Believe me, they were definitely not glamorous. Not getting the story detail really saves a great deal of time, doesn't negatively impact the healing in any way, and enabled us to make such amazing progress.

When I began the weekend, I had severe pain in my right heel. It's completely gone. I had some challenges with my eyes: Strained, dry, and tired. Much better but we have further work to do when my physical body is ready. I had trouble staying awake on the drive up; on the drive back I was fully alert and enjoying every second. In general, I felt absolutely superb!

I came home and began doing the same kind of work with Michael and Source for his extremely painful right knee. He has an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in early October. Our commitment is to work together daily with Source to unpack the layers to see if we can heal it with Source without his needing surgery.

Michael is determined to continue to train horses. I am committed to work on his knee with him and Source. Ha!

The pain is less but there is considerably more work to do on this one. I'll keep you posted.

You can see the level of commitment to my own healing and to Michael's. While I have a private practice offering this work, out of integrity I must say it is best if someone learns to do it for themselves -- and far less expensive in the long run.

We all have many layers of healing that we need to do on the energetic, emotional, and physical levels of our being. It is a joy to become self-sufficient and to work with Source to clear the vessel.

Blessings to you, each and every one! Namaste.

Some people say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life ...

I think that what we're really seeking is an
experience of being alive, so that our life
experience on the purely physical plane will have resonance within

our innermost being and reality,

so that we can actually feel

the rapture of being alive.

-- Joseph Campbell

As we work to clear our vessel, Divine Peace seeps into our soul, quietly, without a sound.

But we can feel it. It changes us, profoundly.

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith


by Steve Willis

OK. I wasn't going to write this article. It is just too embarrassing. But then I said, "What the heck. Maybe it can help someone else."

I have been a seeker of the Light for as long as I can remember. I want enlightenment.

In my search for enlightenment, I traveled to South America to study with several shamen. Unfortunately, not all of those I studied with served the Light. In fact, one was a bruja, a dark witch who quickly became competitive with me and put terrible curses upon me. I was unable to find anyone who could help me.

I came back to the United States. I was referred to Ashley by Lloyd and Phyllis Mear. When I crawled up on her massage table, I was a broken man. I most remember her extreme gentleness in working with me. Thankfully, there was no judgment from her; I was doing enough of that for myself. I didn't need any more.

I remember that she began working at my feet to begin to clear the dark energy from me. She was absolutely fearless and radiating Divine love. I could feel her reach into my body from the soles of my feet and pull out the dark energy. I was so relieved and I began to let go.

She meticulously cleared all of my chakras from the bottom to the top. She rebalanced me and checked every bit of my bioenergetic field from top to bottom and back to front looking for any constriction or traces of dark energy.

Just as she finished, her Abyssinian cat, Ave, leapt onto the massage table at my feet. She walked up my body stopping at each chakra and filling it with Light. When she finished with my heart chakra, this astounding cat kissed me on the lips and my entire body was filled with Light.

I broke into tears of relief and joy. My body was clear. My mind was clear. The curses were gone -- and I was free.

Afterward, even though she had worked tirelessly for almost 4 hours, Ashley spent some time gently talking with me while Ave sat in my lap. She explained about Divine discernment and how important it was to pay attention to my inner Guidance from Source. She asked me to reflect back over the Guidance I received before I began working with the bruja.

I remembered that, indeed, I had gotten intuitive warnings that he was not someone I should be involved with. His eyes were cold. He was very abrupt. He appeared to have a very large ego, which I attributed at that time to being at the top of his game. And ... I was very impatient. I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it immediately.

I forgot that the curandero I worked with that I treasured the most, like Ashley, used to invoke the Archangels -- and gave all the credit for whatever he did to God.

Because of my impatience and hubris, I didn't realize I was heading into a very powerful, and very frightening, sequence of lessons. Until I worked with Ashley and Ave, I didn't know if I would safely emerge.

Thank you, Source, for bringing us together and thank you for giving her the courage to work with me.

Guidance is always available from
the 'microchip' of Source that is within all of us,
our higher Self.

There has never been a time,
never will be,
when that Guidance is unavailable to us.

Dancing with Source
Our Vision is Oneness

Through the workshops offered in the DWS mystery school, all are empowered to identify incongruencies with Highest Good & congruencies with what is not, create clear two-way communication with the Divine & transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, karmic, mental, emotional & egoic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality & separation from Spirit, identification & removal of Dark Teachers & implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts, ideas, people, places & things that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies.

When we clear these & other 'buggy code' from our field we become progressively able tohold more Light & can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousnessin preparation for the Ascension.

We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.

Phone Number.

Please contact us to find out more about this beautiful work which was brought to Earth by Source to help humanity raise its consciousness and achieve Self-realization -- or to obtain a referral to a DWS Master Facilitator.



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