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Your smile adds to the beauty of life.
Remember, the entrance door to the santuary is inside of you.

We are back from our wonderful journey to the crop circles of England. And what a wonderful journey it was. When we 'planned' it our intention was to have a week of rest in the Cotswolds so we would be in prime shape for whatever Source had in mind for us in Wiltshire.

Our plan went by the wayside. While we did rest and play, we participated in much deep healing work for everyone in our group. We learned many Divine lessons -- and we received 'wake-up calls' from Source. In many cases, deeper friendships were forged in the sacred fires of transmutation and healing.

When we arrived at The Martinsell Centre, a portal to the 5th dimension, we entered into bliss. The energy of this sacred place must be experienced to be believed. It was peace itself.

All of us join in sending deep gratitude to Nicola Richards and her wonderful team. You all contributed so much to making our retreat exceptional. Thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts.

In love & joy,

Crop Circles: Beautiful Wake-Up Calls for Humanity

-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Wiltshire, England is a lovely rural region rich in ancient sacred sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Two major earth energy lines that run around the globe converge in this area. The number of crop formations in this area has increased from 46 to more than 100 per year since 2000, for a total of well into the 700s -- in the last decade alone. The size of these crop circles have ranged from 30 feet to 1,350 feet in diameter.

They come in all weathers; rain or shine, at night or during the day with some of the largest and most complex having appeared in particularly stormy conditions. When crop patterns form, the stems of the crop are delicately laid to the ground, bent gently at their base, often creating intricate patterns, visit www.wccsg.com to see photos. The roots remain undamaged and the crops continue to grow in their flattened state.

Some crop designs are known to have emerged during the day, the most astonishing one of these being the 'Julia Set' formation that suddenly appeared opposite Stonehenge on July 7, 1996. A stunning design, 500 feet in diameter, it caused people to stop their cars at the road to take photographs.

15 minute before there was nothing in the field.

This was confirmed by security guards at Stonehenge and by the pilot of a small plane which flew over the area only 15 minutes earlier. Nobody witnessed the creation. It was suddenly there.

When entering these intriguing designs, the lay of the crop inside the formations is sometimes more dazzling than viewing the overall design from the air. The lay of the crop is akin to a spectacular work of art: the structure and weave of the lay, the flow of the plants, the sun reflecting off the stems and their swirling form.

And then there is the energy. 150 yards from the first crop circle we entered, I suddenly experienced this immense surge of energy that stopped me in my tracks. I actually asked Source, "Do they have earthquakes in England?" Source replied rather dryly, "Ashley, you are walking toward a crop circle." With every step forward the vibration increased. My cellular structure was saturated within 8 minutes of entering the 3-day old crop circle and lying down in it. I was filled with an immense joy and sense that all is in perfect balance and harmony.

Speaking of energy, the fields that have hosted a formation often carry remnants of the 'energetic imprint' that show up in the growth of the new crop the following year.

For those who can feel energy, there is a profound message in the crop circles, individual to each of us. Thank you to the beings who continue to create these amazing works of art with messages of love.

We love you all.

* * *

The data for this article came from the research of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group. I would particularly like to thank Olivier Morel, our guide to the crop circles, a gifted photographer of them, and one of the creators of the crop circle calendars. He is also a man of incredible gentleness, sweetness and Light. May you be continually and always blessed.

Ebb & Flow with the Circle of 9

-- by Carlyn Montes De Oca

If there is anything we can count on in life, it is the certainty that things will change. Just when we feel we have life in some kind of order and that control is within our grasp, the course of life shifts and a person we love dearly may leave us, an accident suddenly occurs, death visits unexpectedly. If we insist on strengthening our stance through force or resistance, we may break, just like a tree which refuses to bend in the midst of a windstorm. Better to undulate with the breeze, like the sheets on a clothes-line, as the old Tai Chi Masters replicate so eloquently as they practice their art.

Six weeks ago, eight Master Facilitators from Dancing with Source and I journeyed to England on what we thought would be a wonderful retreat. Having journeyed to Sedona the year before on another DWS retreat, my expectations were high . I wanted this experience be equally stellar; but I was concerned that nothing could top that adventure. Well, I was wrong. Although I don't have the space to describe everything we experienced, I will share an interesting moment which I will remember for the rest of my life, because it is a perfect metaphor by which to live life; a universal truth. If we can remember and abide by this truth, life will become easier and sweeter.

One of the destinations on our English journey was the Wiltshire area, known for its spectacular Crop Circle formations. As we crossed the border from the Cotswolds into Wiltshire County, the energy shift was undeniable. The Cotswoldian World we were leaving behind felt like an ancient land captured in time and held by enchantment. Wiltshire County, by contrast, seemed infused with a lighter and more vibrant energy.

The next morning, we each took a turn flying over three crop circle formations in a two-seater plane. Later that afternoon the 9 of us hiked into one of the actual configurations. As we approached the entrance to the crop circle my excitement got the better of me. I rushed ahead of everyone, including our French guide, Olivier Morel. As soon as I stepped inside the circle, I began to feel nauseous and my body felt as if I was pushing against an invisible thickness. The experience was uncomfortable but not completely foreign. I had read that some people get physically sick in the crop circles, with similar symptoms as what I was experiencing. I felt annoyed. I did not want to be one of those people. As my ego and I argued silently, Olivier caught up to me and let me know that if I was to walk with the flow of the grain then my experience of the energy might be different. I looked down and realized I was walking against the flow of the bent wheat stalks. He informed me that he had already told the others in our group before they had entered the circle, but that I had run ahead so he was not able to let me know. The lesson couldn't have been clearer, and in that moment I heard the words:

"When we get excited and race ahead we often go against the grain. When we get excited, and race ahead with Guidance, then miracles can happen."

That evening, nine of us entered a crop circle, shaped like a 5 pointed star, to meditate and spend the night. We each placed our heads in the center of the star, with our feet aimed towards the outside and so we were aligned, resembling the spokes on a wheel. As I lay looking up at the magnificent palette of stars, I thought of the ebb and the flow of life. It is the one constant we can all count on and that mastery comes in making our reactions fluid. In every moment consider bringing into awareness the question, "Am I flowing with the grain or moving against it? Am I struggling and becoming depleted or feeling empowered because Source is at the helm of my every decision?"

As the Circle of 9 travelers lay within the 5 pointed star under a brilliant canopy of light, I felt a deep sense of boundless connection and wonderment, the expansiveness of a full heart and the joy of being alive at this juncture in time. This, I knew was Flow. This is....Source.

Carlyn Montes De Oca. Carlyn Montes De Oca is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in Traditional as well as Esoteric Acupuncture and Holistic Nutrition. Before her career in alternative medicine, Carlyn had a 20 year incarnation in the motion picture industry as a film editor. Today, alongside her passion for health, Carlyn is quite enamored by the animal world and in particular her four dogs and two cats who allow her and her husband to live with them in Marin County.

"The best day of your life
is the one in which you decide your life is
your own.

No apologies or excuses.
No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.

The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey -
and you alone are responsible
for the quality of it.

This is the day your life really begins."

        --Bob Moawad

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