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Issue No. 5 - August 2009

When Source began downloading the Dancing with Source™ processes through me, I was amazed at their simplicity and power.

As I have shared with readers before, Source utilized me as a learning instrument to bring them through. I had a need; Source met it.

I subsequently shared what I learned with my clients. Some of those clients asked me if I would teach them how to do the work. Briefly, this is how the Dancing with Source™ mystery school came into being. I am not the One that teaches the course. It is taught through me - and the students - by Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other High Beings of Light.

It is my honor to serve the Light.

Create a Legacy of Love

-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Each and every religious tradition around the globe holds love as its organizing principle. In addition to the countless amazing, loving, kind - and quite brilliant -- things that humans have done over the millennia we have also collectively created such a legacy of war, fear, hatred, sorrow and waste as to belie the simple teaching of love.

A spiritual transformation is needed that occurs within the heart center of each one of us. It is a journey of one toward oneness. As increasing numbers of us move forward on this journey to love, releasing the dominance of the ego-mind complex, the sum of our higher vibrational frequencies changes everything!

We humans are typically somewhere on the continuum of fear (contraction) and love (expansion). In the realm of fear, we habitually experience anxiety, dread, foreboding, and apprehension. From these emerge other negative emotions such as confusion, depression, anger, hatred, rage and so forth. When we are contracted in fear we cannot experience love. Our repetitive fear-based thoughts, rooted in judgment of ourselves or others as not being good enough in some way, allow us to hold ourselves hostage. We do this often through guilt or worry focused on the past or future. We need to do some things differently: change the way we think, speak and act so we can step confidently into our direct connection with Source and our greatness that is based in love.

Regularly turning our attention inward through our spiritual practice enables us to expand our conscious awareness. We can relax our grip on worry and guilt about the past or the present, ceasing to judge ourselves and others. This enables us to breathe, to let go and fully enter into the present moment and the loving, accepting presence of Source.

There appear to be barriers to doing this. It sounds so easy on the one hand, yet we rarely show up for dialogues with Source - much less to dance. We work until we drop. We overload our lives with complexities. We live in fear and believe there is no other way. Despite this our hearts long for something different, a Light that breaks through the darkness we have created.

Letting go of fear, learning to trust Source to flawlessly lead our dance, and living from that open, expanded space allows us to move forward with confidence to fulfill our life's purpose. The result is profound change inside us and, thus, what we manifest externally in our world.

From that place of freedom and love, we soar. We can do anything, have anything, and be anything we choose. We can become what we were born to be:

Co-creators with Source of all that is in our Highest Good.

Over the last 4,000 years humankind has been blessed with having the processes of meditation made available through the ancient yogic traditions in India, the Taoists in China at the heart of which was the great spiritual master Lao Tzu, the teachings of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, Tibetan Buddhists and others. The processes of meditation have helped those who engaged in them have breakthrough experiences of enlightenment.

In addition to meditation and other spiritual practices, the Dancing with Source™ mystery school offers leading edge processes that make clearing our internal blockages, quieting the mind, and creating peace and internal spaciousness more accessible to everyone than it has ever been. Doing so frees up amazing levels of energy, creativity and joy that allow each of us to be, have and do whatever we choose.

Our Story

- Francisco Jerez & Mary Brown

We met Ashley when Mary was studying NLP and Ashley was serving as a resource person. Mary says, "The impact of the first private DWS session I had with Ashley was awe-inspiring. She saw that I was carrying a huge burden related to my late husband. She helped him release his overwhelming fear and cross over into the Light. He passed away in 1993 but had not crossed over. I had felt his presence for all the intervening years and carried with me a haunting sense that he was lost. Since that session two years ago I have not had that feeling once. I know that he is in the Light and at peace."

Mary decided to study Dancing with Source™ to deepen her awareness of the oneness of life as well as her direct connection with God. Francisco decided to study to find his true self, to be able to see others as they really are, and to deepen his connection to Source.

Mary says, "The work I have done in DWS has allowed me to transform the anger and rage I had carried since childhood. My mother died when I was 10 years old after a long illness. My father was emotionally and financially devastated. There wasn't anything left of him for me. I felt invisible to him. I developed my rage and anger as a protection mechanism. I wasn't willing to be a victim so I chose to get angry instead."

"Through this work I realized my father was unable to heal his own grief at the loss of my mother - and was completely unprepared to raise a young girl to womanhood. This work has opened up a deeper level of compassion for my father and for me - and for all others like us."

"This transformation has helped me in my marriage. I realized that I had been looking for Francisco to fill the emptiness left by the loss of my parents. My mother died, but I lost my father as well. Francisco had to prove every day of our marriage that he loved me and was not going to abandon me. This work has helped me see Francisco for who he truly is rather than for who I thought I wanted him to be."

It has opened up my range of emotion. Before, if things didn't happen my way, my primary resource was anger. Now, I have a wellspring of respect, understanding, compassion and acceptance. Above all of that, there is a deep unconditional love that enables me look at our higher connection rather than the details of how my husband might do something in a given moment. This has profoundly changed our marriage for the better."

Francisco has found deeper self confidence, inner peace and love for himself as well as others. He says, "The love I feel for Source is infinite. It will never end. This has changed my life 180 degrees. It has changed my way of living, my way of being in my marriage, and the way I look at others."

"I feel more understanding toward Mary. Before DWS, when Mary would become angry, I was not able to help her. I didn't know what to do. Now we have a common language that has created a deeper connection between us and helps us deal with anything that comes up. I have more compassion, less defensiveness, and no blaming. Because of what I have learned in DWS, I understand the deep internal drivers that caused us to sometimes behave in counterproductive ways. Now we both have the tools to transmute whatever arises."

"Although we know other couples have chosen to study DWS separately, we chose to do it together. Through this amazing journey over the past 11 months, we have strengthened our marriage beyond anything we could have dreamed."

"Both of us have the deep realization that we are soul mates - and we will be together for the rest of this life and many more to come."

Mary Brown and Francisco Jerez. Mary and Francisco.

Francisco Jerez is a corporate pilot. He works for SkyTrek Aviation in Modesto, Ca.

Mary Brown is a Master Facilitator of Dancing with Source™ with an international practice. She is studying to become a DWS certified trainer. As a CTI graduate and NLP practitioner, Mary offers a robust combination of modalities when working with clients. In partnership with Source, Mary creates original works of art in jewelry and dowsing tools using precious metals, gemstones and crystals. Each piece is infused with Divine energy and sacred words accompany it. Her regular jewelry line is carried at specialty stores throughout the Bay Area.

In Love

The tide. has turned and flows into your soul to
renew and replenish.

Let your Spirit soar and come closer to
whence you came.

Let go of the darkness of worry and self doubt.

Release all that is not given by Me,
so you may feel the magnitude of My love.

Those blessed by your love
float in joy and happiness.

Watch your compass as it will always point you to True North.

-- Mary Brown

Dancing with Source
The vision of the Dancing with Source mystery school is Oneness. We empower all to create a clear two-way communication with the Divine and transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, incongruencies with Highest Good and congruencies with what is not, karmic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality, and Spirit, removal of dark teachers and implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts ideas, people, places and so forth that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies. When we clear these and other barriers from our Bioplasmic bodies, we become progressively able to hold more Light and can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousness in preparation for the Ascension.

We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.



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