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There is only one moment in time when it is necessary to awaken.  That moment is now.
You are responsible for what you think.
I have simply stopped arguing with reality.
In the name of God, stop a moment.

I took a beautiful, profoundly refreshing holiday throughout the month of December. I barely looked at my computer or any other technology which may explain my absence from writing the November and December issues of this newsletter with Source.

I prayed, meditated, took long walks with Joy, my Russian Wolfhound, ate healthy food, and enjoyed lots of spaciousness in my life. What a wonderful Christmas gift I gave myself.

I hope each one of you had an equally peaceful holiday and that 2012 is the best year of all your lifetimes -- so far!

Blessed be,


-Ashley Warrenton-Smith

The inner voice calls to us whether we hear it or not. When it finally gains our attention, it awakens within us a hunger for the Truth.

Each of our paths is beautifully individual and generally fraught with various challenges similar to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. The hero (each of us) encounters challenges of all sizes and shapes that call us forth to have courage, to question, to learn and, ultimately, to remember Who We Really Are.

The language of the Dancing with Source (DWS) mystery school, helps to explain this journey. We have -- similar to many software applications -- 'buggy code' within us that we ourselves programmed into our internal hard drive of knowledge. Some of our code is based in Divine Truth and helps us on our life path; other code is 'buggy' and creates obstacles for us.

When we bump up against some of our 'buggy code' we tend to have strong non-beneficial reactions of one kind or another. These might include anger, frustration, impatience, greed or many other lower vibration emotional reactions.

This can make it pretty easy to identify and understand that we just hit a patch of 'buggy code' rather like black ice on a winter highway. In DWS we call this being activated.

An example might be a couple who really love one another; however, one of them frequently triggers activation in the other. If the one who is activated is trained in DWS, it can be relatively easy to rectify. If not, the relationship will predictably be fraught with challenge and may ultimately end because of this frequent activation. It simply becomes too uncomfortable for one or both parties.

It is our responsibility to notice this and to use our DWS tools to recode it or to ask another member of the DWS village for help if we are simply too immersed in our reactions. There is no need to suffer the discomfort of this and the problems it can create in our lives long term if we don't recode it.

There is another challenge, however. In some cases, our 'buggy code' is deeply embedded with stubbornness, anger, and other strong emotions that cause us not to want to do the work. We would actually prefer to just simmer in our lower vibrational emotional 'snangle'.

Source says a 'snangle' is a cross between a snarl and a tangle and tends to be very intense.

When this happens, we are in the midst of a full-blown initiation, a test from our internal God/Goddess-Self. Often the underlying question to our self is,

"What do you choose?"

Do you choose to continue your old ways of pain that do not work or do you choose to say, "Beloved Source, I will not have this. I choose a different path. I choose the path of Light, Love and Forgiveness. Help me to understand whatever it is that I need to understand so I can heal this -- once and for all."

When we make that choice -- over and over again -- every time we are confronted with our 'buggy code', when we are activated and during our initiations, we clear our fields and open up to more and more Light.

This is the path of Ascension.

"Whether we are seek inner peace, world peace or
both, the path to experience it is to build on
the foundation of
unconditional love and compassion --
one moment at a time."

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

"Illuminated beings have emerged from all paths, and
they have left us legacies of
immeasurable value.
Their wisdom forms an
unbroken trail of stepping stones
from the ancient past to this very moment.
They demonstrate the flowering of the
potential in all of us.
Through them we see that enlightenment is not an
impossible goal."

-- Gloria Karpinski


-- Camille Johnston

I heard about the work of Dancing with Source two or three years before I finally called Ashley for a private session. As I look back on it, I think I was afraid that it wouldn't work. That fear kept me immobilized for quite some time.

I learned through working with her and my own direct experience that when I don't get the lesson embedded in a life experience I am having, the Universe turns up the heat.

I was having significant back pain and migraine headaches. I experienced so much physical pain that, by the time I called her, I was in tears. She answered the phone when I called and told me she could work with me right then by phone. She said, if I would give her a minute, she would cancel what she was about to do.

I was deeply moved by this kindness but in too much pain to say so. All I could do was cry.

Imagine my surprise when she 'built the Watchtowers' and called in the Archangels. I could feel the energy and it was bigger than my pain. This shocked me because my pain had absorbed my attention to the point where it was all consuming. Suddenly that changed.

This got my attention.

And so the work began. I had never had an experience like this. Ashley asked me when I first remembered experiencing the pain. I sobbed as I thought back and realized it was when my former husband told me he didn't love me any more, that he loved someone else and wanted a divorce.

Ashley said, "That's what I need to know." She went to work with Source, the Archangels and, as I came to learn, my internal God/Goddess-Self. We healed multiple past lives, cleared family bloodlines (something similar to this happened to my mother and to my grandmother), and did multiple other processes too fast to name.

I began feeling this astonishing level of peace enter my body. I can only describe it as "Light". I felt more and more filled with Light. As that happened, my pain went away.

It has not returned.

I am so grateful for the freedom this has restored to my life: the freedom of movement, of being pain-free, of being able to enjoy my life.

Ashley explained that pain is an acronym for 'Persistent Avoidance of Inner Needs'. That was certainly true in my case. I was avoiding dealing with my pain and it just kept getting worse. This life experience taught me so much. It taught me that I don't need to suffer, that I can take action and change my life.

This also changed my perspective about God. I realized I saw Him as distant and uncaring. Ashley explained that God worked with me directly through my God/Goddess-Self to help me understand what had occurred in my life, change my perspective to one of compassion and forgiveness for myself and my former husband -- and to free myself from pain.

I continued to work with Ashley for several more months. Once I learned I could transform something of this magnitude with Divine assistance, I realized I had some other things I wanted to change, smaller perhaps but very important to me.

I have a very happy life now with a man that I love who loves me very much. I am grateful.

* * *

If you are experiencing more obstacles that you can handle on your own, ask a Dancing with Source Master Facilitator to work with you. Miracles happen.

In the Mahabharata, a Hindu scripture, Krishna says:

"When goodness grows weak
When Evil grows mighty
I make for myself a vehicle.
In every age I return
To deliver the Holy
To destroy the fault of the evildoer
To establish true goodness."

* * *

"At this time on Earth,
we are each called upon to connect with our
God/Goddess-Self within and be this true
It is the time of Oneness.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Let us emanate Light individually and together now
and forever."

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Dancing with Source
Our Vision is Oneness

Through the workshops offered in the DWS mystery school, all are empowered to identify incongruencies with Highest Good & congruencies with what is not, create clear two-way communication with the Divine & transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, karmic, mental, emotional & egoic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality & separation from Spirit, identification & removal of Dark Teachers & implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts, ideas, people, places & things that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies.

When we clear these & other 'buggy code' from our field we become progressively able tohold more Light & can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousnessin preparation for the Ascension.

We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.

Phone Number.

Please do not hesitate to call to find out more about this work which was brought to Earth by Source to help humanity -- or to obtain a referral to a DWS Master Facilitator.



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