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You want to know how to overcome despair.
In the garden of my heart, the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.
Love is the only cause of happiness.
Love is the strongest force in the world.
When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts.
To see the all-pervading Spirit of Truth.
Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.
To see the all-pervading Spirit of Truth.
Love makes everything possible.
When words are both kind and true

Since the unfolding of events that occurred throughout December, 2012, like many others I have been experiencing unprecedented levels of deep inner calm and joy. I find that I am living life from a very different perspective -- and I love it.

The best way I can describe it is a profound letting go, a deeper commitment to my spiritual path -- and to living life fully from moment to moment.

Over the holidays I spent as much time as possible in the presence of several Ascended Masters including Saint Germain, Christ and Lady Nada. I enjoyed two very deep conversations with the Goddess Asheira (pronounced Ash-Rah), my primary Teacher, the Divine Feminine aspect of Source. The experience of being in each of their energetic fields is beyond description. You simply 'had to be there'.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish each and every one of you a most blessed New Year, filled with Divine Love and every blessing that is yours by Divine Right.

In peace, love & joy,

Love & Purity of Heart

-- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

Goddess Asheira, the Divine Feminine aspect of Source, said the High Beings of Light measure the amount of love and the purity of heart that each soul has attained in determining our readiness for higher levels of Divine learning.

She said, "We offer a lot of Grace -- and so many turn away."

In understanding the learning journey of the soul, it is helpful to understand the following:

Spirit - the God/Goddess-Self within each of us that is our Higher Self, a microcosm of Source

Soul - the learning part of each of us, where the internal database of Divine Knowledge is stored as we gain wisdom through our life experiences as well as Divine intervention

Personality - the third dimensional denser aspect of us that can become intertwined with the soul to a greater or lesser extent when we are incarnate. This may occur more deeply when we believe our personality and our physical body are Who We Really Are. It is at the personality level that we develop attachments, patterns, programs, and so forth. We then 'store' them in various parts of our energetic field.

At times the things we deeply embrace go past the personality into the soul. Some Light-filled examples include integrity, sweetness, gentleness, lovingness. As we master these, they become part of our internal database of Divine Knowledge and we 'own' them, in a manner of speaking. Another example might be mastering something such as playing a musical instrument. When anything is learned at the soul level it becomes an integral part of us -- and we may call upon that mastery in future lifetimes, e.g., a 5-year old sits down at the piano for the first time and plays a concerto.

Shadow-filled examples such as jealousy, sourness, bitterness, rudeness, unkindness may also be 'mastered' through practice and be integrated into the soul as a future life lesson that will need to be re-learned.

Whatever we participate in and learn deeply at the personality level through our moment-to-moment choices and our experiences of those choices can interpenetrate the soul as a Divine gift -- or as a life lesson which must be relearned.

Through the Dancing with Source work the 'buggy code' related to our choices of the shadow rather than the Light can be recoded. This transforms our karma through understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love instead of working through the karmic re-experiencing process of samsara (birth and rebirth) until we get it right.

Once again, the choice is ours.

"An aging master grew tired of his apprentice's complaints. One morning, he sent him to get some salt. When the apprentice returned, the master told him to mix a handful of salt in a glass of water and then drink it.

"How does it taste?" the master asked.

"Bitter," said the apprentice.

The master chuckled and then asked the young man to take the same handful of salt and put it in the lake. The two walked in silence to the nearby lake and once the apprentice swirled his handful of salt in the water, the old man said, "Now drink from the lake."

As the water dripped down the young man's chin, the master asked, "How does it taste?"

"Fresh," remarked the apprentice.

"Do you taste the salt?" asked the master.

"No," said the young man.

At this the master sat beside this serious young man, and explained softly,
"The pain of life is pure salt; no more, no less. The amount of pain in life remains exactly the same. However, the amount of bitterness we taste depends on the container we put the pain in. So when you are in pain, the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things. Stop being a glass.

Become a lake."

Five Elements of Love

In many cases our human concept of love is actually neediness in disguise. The five elements of love are:
  1. Accept others as they are and for whom they are even if you don't understand or agree.
  2. The ability to allow others to be who they are, what they are and walk their life path even though you may not understand or agree.
  3. Trust that your loved one is being well guided, following his or her path and learning lessons, even though you may not understand or agree.
  4. Be kind to your loved one even though you don't understand his or her choices and life path.
  5. Have faith in the ability of others to change even when it appears they cannot.

These five behaviors are the test for any relationship.

-- The Formula of Compassion
Jelila Starr, Emissary to Nibiruan Council

My Journey

by Louise Giannoni

I came to the DWS work through a friend of mine. She had been working with Diane Boivie for several months and was excited about all the changes that had happened in her life -- in her work and in her family relationships. She knew I had this big vision for what I wanted to do in the world and that I had not been able to move forward -- I was stuck. She convinced me to give Diane a call.

I was immediately struck by Diane's calm and compassionate manner. No matter what I told her about what was going on in my life she accepted it and exuded a sense of strength and safety. I felt deeply heard and acknowledged for the progress I had been able to make on my own and filled with a sense of hope that further change was possible. I said, "Yes - let's get to it".

She explained that the work was done at the conscious and unconsciousness levels, by me, my God/Goddess Self, Source and my Spirit Guides. She said she worked primarily through Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other High Beings of Light, and was merely the facilitator of the changes I requested. She explained the use of her dowsing tool, what to expect for bio-feedback signals, and how the sessions might look. Then we got down to work.

That first session was huge! I don't remember everything that was done but I felt very different after the session. I do remember that some of the inner blockages we cleared had to do with my past lives, family bloodline inheritances, trauma, disempowering core beliefs, and clearing of dark energies. I experienced energetic shifts in my body and sensed the energy moving and changing throughout my chakras and other places in my body. I felt like I was becoming lighter and less weighed-down as the session progressed. At one point I felt completely held in Love, and experienced a sense of deep peace and compassion for myself.

The weeks after that session I noticed that my thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions were changed. I was more easily able to hold onto my "real self" and not be so easily thrown for a loop by the emotions of others around me. I was more focused and aware -- I was able to move forward on the big project I had been trying to start for so long and the people who I needed to help me just showed up!

I continue to work with Diane over the phone and good things in my life continue to unfold. I like the direction of my life now. Things are easier, more flowing and joyful, with less drama, fear and stress. I don't always know what we're going to work on until the session starts, but I always feel more opened up afterwards. I feel confident that the big plans I have for my life are in the process of happening, and that I am ready, willing, and able to make the choices and decisions that are needed to make it work.

Louise Giannoni is a Director at a fast-paced technology company in Silicon Valley. In her spare time she is creating an organization to address the needs of at-risk children through connection to nature. She is learning to balance the requirements of her company role with her desire to make a positive difference for children, and to trust her inner Guidance.

    "We get ourselves into situations we designed to
    show ourselves our own dysfunctional beliefs,
    patterns, and attachments. Next step is to
    transform them."

    -- Ashley Warrenton-Smith

    Dancing with Source
    Our Vision is Oneness

    Through the workshops offered in the DWS mystery school, all are empowered to identify incongruencies with Highest Good & congruencies with what is not, create clear two-way communication with the Divine & transform past lives, trauma, disempowering genetic & behavioral inheritances through family bloodlines, disempowering core beliefs, karmic, mental, emotional & egoic patterns, programs, attachments, fragmentation of soul, personality & separation from Spirit, identification & removal of Dark Teachers & implants, as well as dynamic relationship work with the archetypes, concepts, ideas, people, places & things that hold us back from moving into our Light Bodies.

    When we clear these & other 'buggy code' from our field we become progressively able tohold more Light & can be of greater service in the uplifting of human consciousnessin preparation for the Ascension.

    We do this through advanced energetic healing workshops, private sessions, speaking engagements, and spiritual retreats in partnership with Source, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and All Beings of Light.

    Phone Number.

    Please do not hesitate to call to find out more about this work which was brought to Earth by Source to help humanity -- or to obtain a referral to a DWS Master Facilitator.



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